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2014 in Review: 5 albums from former Voice contestants you shouldn’t miss


When I decided to take a look back at music released by former contestants on The Voice in 2014, I had no idea they’d been so prolific.

Prolific to the tune of 18 albums and 28 EPs since Jan. 1.

And it doesn’t end there. Forty-six former contestants on the show released at least one single in the past year.

So here we go. Three blogs hopefully catching everyone up on who did release music in 2014. I’ve tried to be as complete as possible, but I’m sure I’ve missed some. If so, let me know and I’ll be glad to add them.

Head here for my picks for the best five Voice videos of 2014. Plus you can view about three dozen others.

Head here for 15 songs I think everyone should hear from former Voice artists. I won’t call them the best, because there’s so, so much great music being put out by these folks. These are 15 that I’d listen to over and over. Plus a list all those aforementioned.

And this blog will include a glimpse at five albums or EPs everyone should check out. Again, I won’t call them the best. Simply five I found myself tapping my foot to or humming along with from start to finish. At the bottom, a list of the other EPs and albums released by former Voice singers in 2014, with lots of links that will take you to places where you can listen to more.

“Better Days” EP, Caroline Glaser

Caroline was pretty much a coffee house novice when she auditioned for The Voice Season 4 at age 19, landed a spot on Team Blake and advanced all the way to the live playoffs. She released this impressive six-track EP in September. Standout tracks include “By the Bay,” “Dream of You” and “Morning Light” You can listen to full-length versions of all the songs on Caroline’s YouTube channel.

“Our Side of the Fence,” Curtis Grimes

Curtis made the top 12 on Season 1 of The Voice and released this fine country album in February. Standout tracks include the title track, “The Cowboy Kind” and the ballad “Song for You Baby.” But two of my favorites are the fun-loving “Wet” and “Texas Plates.” Here’s “The Cowboy Kind.” Learn more about Curtis on his website.

“Broken Ones,” Jacquie Lee

You’ve probably heard the title track. But Jacquie, the big-voiced teen sensation from Season 5, followed it up with an excellent 5-track EP in October. All of the originals are very good, especially “Tears Fall” and “Drown Me in Your Love.” You can listen to full-length versions of all five tracks on Jacquie’s YouTube channel. And you can follow what she’s up to on her website.

Jared Blake, “Til the Morning Light”

Want your country music with an edge? Jared Blake, from Season 1, serves up a big dose with this excellent six-track EP, released in late September. You’ll be hard-pressed to find two more flat-out fun country tunes than “Stomp” (below) and “Countryfied.” And Blake balances it all out with a tender ballad called “The Only One.” You can check out the videos for “Stomp” and “Countryfied” in this blog.

“Sugar House,” Midas Whale

In seven seasons, only two duets have made it past the battle round on The Voice. One of those was Midas Whale — Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes — in Season 4. They followed up with this fine folk album in February. Standout tracks include “A Good Wind,” “Howling at the Moon,” “My Father’s Son” and “What Might Be.” You can follow Midas Whale through their website where you’ll discover that “Sugar House” has been declared album of the year … by one of the guy’s mom. Jon Peter is also an American Idol finalist from Season 3.


Amy Whitcomb (Season 4)

“YouTube, Vol. 1” — 9 tracks, Oct. 10

Anthony Evans (Season 2)

“Real Life/Real Worship,” 11 tracks, March 25

Brian Fuente (Season 2)

“Brian Fuente,” 10 tracks, Feb. 25

Brian Pounds (Season 5)

“Live at the Cactus Cafe,” 10 tracks, June 14

Casey Muessignmann (Season 3)

“Between the Rows,” 8 tracks, June 26

Domo (Season 3)

“Domonation,” 10 tracks, Sept. 30

Grace Askew (Season 4)

“Scaredy Cat,” 11 tracks, Aug. 12

Lupe Carroll (Season 5)

“The Love We Found,” 9 tracks, Dec. 1

Nathalie Hernandez (Season 3)

“Too Close,” 10 tracks, Feb. 13

Orlando Dixon (Season 4)

“Listen,” 8 tracks, Dec. 2

Jordis Unga (Season 2)

“A Letter from Home,” 13 tracks, May 28

Rebecca Loebe (Season 1) with Smokey and the Mirror & Raina Rose

“Three Nights Live,” 15 tracks, Aug. 5

Ryan Whyte Maloney (Season 6)

“Tomorrow’s Yesterday,” 15 tracks, Oct. 31

The Swon Brothers (Season 4)

“The Swon Brothers,” 11 tracks, Oct. 13

Tessanne Chin (Season 5)

“Count on My Love,” 10 tracks, July 1

Will Champlin (Season 5)

“Borrowing Trouble,” 12 tracks, June 21


Anthony Paul (Season 5)

“The Process,” 6-track EP, July 4

Barry Black (Season 5)

“Lost & Found,” 5-track EP, Nov. 11

Brian Pounds (Season 5)

“Strikes and Gutters,” 5 tracks, Sept. 2

Cathia (Season 4)

“Unbreakable,” 5 tracks, Feb. 20

Charlotte Sometimes (Season 2) (now goes by Laces)

“By Request,” 4 tracks, March 4

Dani Moz (Season 6)

“When It Comes to Love,” 3 tracks, Nov. 18

Hailey Steele, (Season 2 as half of The Line)

“Hailey Steele,” 5 tracks, Nov. 18

Jake Barker (Season 6)

“YouTube, Vol. 1,” 6 tracks, Nov. 13
“Stage Fright,” 4 tracks, May 25

Jamar Rogers (Season 2)

“High,” 6 versions of the same song, June 30

Jamie Lono and Noble Heart (Season 2)

“Jamie Lono and Noble Heart,” 5 tracks, July 24

Jessica Childress (Season 4)

“Don’t Forget My Name,” 5 tracks, Feb. 4

Juhi (Season 5)

“Stress Case,” 5 tracks, Feb. 18

Kat Perkins (Season 6)

“Fearless” 5 tracks, Sept. 26

Lisa Scinta (Season 3)

“1992,” 4 tracks, Aug. 12

Matt Chermanski (Season 5)

“Matt Chermanski,” 4 tracks, Aug. 4

Lelia Broussard (with Secret Someones) (Season 3)

“I Won’t Follow,” 4 tracks, Aug 25

Lindsay Bruce (Season 6)

“Drive of My Life,” 4 tracks, Nov. 25

Olivia Henken (Season 5)

“Set It On Fire,” 3 tracks, April 12

Orlando Napier Band (Season 2)

“L.A. Rhapsody,” 7 tracks, March 11

Melanie Martinez (Season 3) ????

“Dollhouse,” 4 tracks, plus video, May 19

Michelle Chamuel with Arjun Singh

“Drift,” 6 tracks, Jan. 7

Morgan Wallen (Season 6)

“Man of South,” 2 tracks, Oct. 28

Paula DeAnda & The Jump Smokers (Season 6)

“The Voice and the Beats,” 5 tracks, June 24

Nicholas David (Season 3) ????

“Make Hope,” 6 tracks, Nov. 18

Tony Lucca (Season 2)

“Drawing Board,” 5 tracks, March 18

Trevin Hunte (Season 3)

“Trevin Hunte,” 5 tracks, Dec. 8

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  1. Hassan December 30, 2014 at 9:02 am -  Reply

    You missed the awesome work by James Wolpert. His single ‘Bats’ is dope. I highly recommend his EP ‘Forfeiture, Portraiture’.

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