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Autumn Turner turns 4 chairs; young Aliyah Moulden impresses on The Voice


Autumn Turner opened night two of the blind auditions of The Voice with a four-chair turn peformance. (NBC Photo

Autumn Turner opened night two of the blind auditions of The Voice with a four-chair turn peformance. (NBC Photo)

We met eight contestants to root for on Season 12 of The Voice Monday night.

If you missed it, Lauren Duski wasn’t one of the night’s two four-chair turns. That honor went to Anatalia Villaranda and J. Chosen.

But she topped everyone on iTunes with her cover of Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me.” You can check out where the songs landed here.

And Stephanie Rice’s audition had a joyous ending. Not only did her version of “Piece by Piece” crack the Top 10 on the iTunes rock chart, but she said she was showered by love after sharing her story on the show.

Time for night two of the blind auditions. Thanks to Donald Trump, tonight’s episode has been shortened to an hour. And there will be a special audition episode of The Voice Thursday night.

Autumn Turner, New Jersey: She’s been coaching ice skating for nine years. She says she started figure skating at age 3. But in high school, she joined an all-girl group that sang everywhere. Autumn will sing “Last Dance” by Donna Summer for her blind audition, partly because she says it might be her last chance to pursue music. Adam turns early in the performance. And Autumn’s voice soars on the chorus, prompting a chair turn from Gwen as well. Alicia and Blake wind up joined as well, and that’s before Autumn displays her range with a final big note. Adam says Autumn could win the show. Autumn joins Team Alicia.

Jesse Larson, Minn.: He says he’s “been grinding for this moment” for a long time. And he’ll be playing a guitar he helped build. He’s been playing music for 15 years “for five or 10 people at a time.” Then came a call from Prince, asking him to play guitar for Judith Hill. He says it was a great experience, allowing him to quit his job at an auto parts store, but it lasted only four months. He’s going to sing “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. He has an interesting singing voice. And it prompts a chair turn from Adam Levine. And Adam’s the only coach to turn, so there’s no suspense about where Jesse is going to land. Adam says “there’s no one with ears” that shouldn’t have turned around for that.

Aliyah Moulden, just 15, listens to the coaches' feedback on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Aliyah Moulden, just 15, listens to the coaches’ feedback on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Aliyah Moulden, Calif.: She started singing at a young age. After all, she’s only 15. She got to attend the BET Awards at one point. Her dad, who died when she was just one month old, was a drummer. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Aliyah is hoping to land a spot on Team Alicia. She’ll audition with “Hound Dog.” Dang, this young lady can sing. Loved that opening. She a good performer for her age, too. Blake turns his chair first. At the very end of the performance, Alicia and Gwen spin around as well. Gwen calls Aliyah “the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life.” Aliyah joins Team Blake.

Savannah Leighton, Alabama: The 16-year-old says her dad left her family when she was 6 and times have been tough for them. She says music has helped get her through. She performs gigs at school and around her town, but said she never dreamed of having an opportunity like The Voice. She’s going to sing “Unconditionally.” She sounds really nervous on the first verse, but seems to find her footing when the chorus kicks in. Blake turns around, and Savannah stumbles with relief over that sight. At the very last moment,he’s joined by girlfriend Gwen. Savannah is in tears and gets a hug from Gwen. Savannah joins Team Gwen.

Nick Townsend, Nebraska: Growing up, he says sports was his life. He was named all-state linebacker as a senior in high school. Coming from a small town, singing wasn’t something young men did. But he wound up in a program called Young Americans and traveled the world delivering the message of music. He’s singing “Risk It All.” And he has an interesting voice, but no one is turning around for his performance, despite a pretty impressive vocal. Surprised no one turned for that.

Lilli Passero, 26, Los Angeles: The works as a server at a restaurant while pursuing a career as a singer and actor. She says she grew up in a musical household and has been singing for as long as she can remember. She’ll sing “A Love of My Own” for her blind audition. She calls her song choice a risk because it’s sort of old-timey. She entices a chair turn from Blake and Gwen. That’s becoming a pattern, right? Alicia follows. Blake likes Lilli’s classic song. Alicia calls her performance “so cool.” Lilli says she’s waited on Gwen at the restaurant where she works. Alicia ends the pitches by singing to Lilli. And the ploy works; Lilli joins Team Alicia.

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