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Jesse Larson earns final spot in The Voice finals


Jesse Larson earned the last spot in The Voice finals Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

Jesse Larson earned the last spot in The Voice finals Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

Chris Blue, Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden were voted into the finals Tuesday night.

TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson were eliminated.

That left Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake and Jesse Larson to compete for the fourth spot in the finals.

Here are grades for those songs.

1. Brennley Brown, “Warrior”: This is a better song choice than the one she had to sing last night, though I’m not sure it’s as good as it could have been. After something of a rough start, Brennley starts to soar. Solid performance, nice ending. But not Brennley’s best. Grade: B

2. Hunter Plake: He’ll sing “Love Runs Out.” Nice song choice. Really like this. Why in the heck didn’t he do this song last night. Hunter is getting to show off his range, he worked a glory note in there. Very, very strong performance. Grade: A–

3. Jesse Larson: He’ll sing “Tennessee Whiskey.” Another great song choice. And another great vocal from Jesse. That was excellent, and he got to show off his guitar skills too. Grade: A–

Based on those performances alone, Jesse or Hunter deserve the final spot in the finals.

And the save goes to Jesse Larson.

Some quick thoughts:

1. Well deserved for Jesse, who has come on strong during the finals and has definitely put together a Voice resume worthy of a spot in the finals.

2. What a condemnation of Gwen Stefani’s coaching. She took two should-be finalists and turned them into semifinalists thanks to odd Top 8 week coaching decisions. Have Brennley show a different side with a bizarre song choice? Have Hunter suddenly stop flipping songs? Yep, that worked well, Gwen.

3. And Brennley’s elimination means West Coast singers are now 0 for 8 lifetime in earning a Twitter save.

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