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Shi’Ann Jones survives; Jon Mero heads home in surprise result on The Voice

Shi'Ann Jones reacts to surviving elimination on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Shi’Ann Jones reacts to surviving elimination on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Who’s in trouble tonight on The Voice?

Well, unless there’s a major surprise, Shi’Ann Jones, the youngest singer on the show, will be singing for that instant save at the end of tonight’s episode.

Now iTunes results aren’t always the perfect indicator of what will happen on the show.

But Shi’Ann’s cover from last night landed 67 spots below any other finalist on the chart. That’s a pretty sure sign that she’s heading for the final two.

When last night’s show ended, I figured Adam Cunningham would be joining Shi’Ann in the bottom two.

Adam Levine’s astonishingly silly song choice for Adam — “Against All Odds” — turned out as bad as it looked on paper.

But Adam’s fans rallied to his support. Among 12 finalists, he ranked eighth on iTunes. About four country artists, he ranked second.

That means tonight’s biggest drama will surround who joins Shi’Ann in the bottom two. Then there’ the instant save itself, of course.

Remember, it’s a Twitter save a West Coast singer has never won. This week’s West Coast contingent includes Noah Mac, Janice Freeman and Keisha Renee.

I’ll be back at 8 p.m., live blogging in this spot.

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And Carson wastes no time getting to tonight’s results.

Advancing to the Top 11:
* Addison Agen: No surprise. She was this week’s queen of iTunes.
* Noah Mac: Yep, he and Addison are the Season 13 Whiz Kids.
* Chloe Kohanski: She has some incredible support on iTunes. Three songs in Top 200.

Jennifer and her team will perform now, singing “Let It Be.” Noah sounds especially good on this.

Also advancing:
* Brooke Simpson: Brooke has to sing first last night. Good to see her make it through.
* Keisha Renee: Hopefully, she’ll sing a country song next week.
* Shi’Ann Jones: Whoa, that is a major surprise. The rest of the remaining contestants just go more nervous.
* Janice Freeman: That one I expected. Still shocked by Shi’Ann’s survival.

Team Blake sings “If It Will It Will” with his team. Wow, that was an excellent group performance. Especially impressed with Red, who’s still in jeopardy of elimination yet sounded fabulous on that.

* Davon Fleming: A little surprised he didn’t do better on iTunes. He was impressive again last night.
* Ashland Craft: She finished last among the country singers on iTunes, but her hometown came through with the votes.
* Red Marlow: Not surprised to see Red advance. Again, surprised he didn’t do better on iTunes.

That means a bottom two of Jon Mero and Adam Cunningham. And, in the end, it was Jon Mero — not Shi’Ann Jones — heading home as his time on The Voice ended.

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  1. Sassette Smurfling November 22, 2017 at 11:15 am -  Reply

    Someone named FormerVoicefan at TVline’s website posted this comment:

    “The Voice has become a joke. It is not about showcasing the voices of talented performers. It’s all about NBC making more money with all the gimmicks. The judges are now throwing shoes, wearing outrageous outfits, talking and singing while contestants are trying to perform to get more attention on them. NBC is introducing all these electronic gadgets that people can vote on, which eliminates us who just have a computer and a landline. That leaves the voting up to the teenagers who are the only ones who buy the latest gadgets. Those of us who don’t use twitter and live on the West Coast can not even vote for the instant save. All some voters seem to care about is the appearance of the contestant and how loud they can scream…Some of the comments on this blog show that viewers are not listening and voting for the voice, they are paying attention to what the contestants and judges are wearing. You can see that by the comments on the board. Talented performers sang and went home and all some people can comment on is what the judges or contestants are wearing or doing, not their voice. I am only concerned about the voice…I don’t need the hysterics and the drama. I just want a pure voice that soothes me and makes me feel good, not hurts my eardrums and makes me deaf.”

  2. Lydia November 25, 2017 at 6:55 am -  Reply

    I am sorry for Jon because in the top 12 he was very good and in the instant save he lost his voice. I do not like Shi’Ann voice at all. She has a special voice which I cannot stand.
    I hope she will go home soon. If she becomes a professional singer I would never ever buy her albums.

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