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Adam Pearce talks about music after The Voice

Adam Pearce and Whitney Fenimore prepare for their battle round match with coach Adam Levine. (NBC Photo)

Adam Pearce and Whitney Fenimore prepare for their battle round match with coach Adam Levine. (NBC Photo)


Adam Pearce last released original music as lead singer of Black Magnolia back in 2012.

That’s about to change.

Less than a month after fans saw him eliminated from The Voice, Adam has launched a Kickstarter campaign encouraging them to help him make “a great rock ‘n’ roll album for the ages.”

And he told View Views he’s planning to drop the first single from that album before the end of the year.

The rocker from Louisiana actually tried out for Season 12 of The Voice and failed to turn a chair. Offered a second chance in Season 13, he turned two and joined Team Adam Levine.

He was eventually stolen by Miley Cyrus and made it all the way to the playoffs before bowing out of the competition.

Here’s what Adam told Voice Views about his time on The Voice and his music moving forward.

Adam Pearce performs during the blind auditions on The Voice Season 13. (NBC Photo)

Adam Pearce performs during the blind auditions on The Voice Season 13. (NBC Photo)

Voice Views: I know everything we’ve seen on the show was filmed a while back. What have you been doing musically since then?

Adam Pearce: I’ve known since the end of August that I wasn’t going to make the lives. As soon as I got home from recording, I reassembled a bad-ass rock and roll band in New Orleans. We immediately started jamming and composing the album that I’ve been writing for years. I’m also trying to line up tours and venues. I’m still playing my solo acoustic gigs all over the state, but my real passion is my four-piece rock band. Nothing compares to that energy.

Voice Views: What was your favorite performance from The Voice and why?

Adam Pearce: “Love Hurts” by Nazareth. I was actually sick as a dog a few days before having to perform it and my voice was shot. I want to state that I am never the “perpetually sick and I lost my voice” singer, but I was hurting for this. The day I filmed the reality practice session with Miley (Cyrus), it felt like my shirt weighed about 50 pounds.

But anyway! It actually worked out in a weird way because it gave me this extra raspy, cool sounding voice. It also made me struggle with the range of the song but I think that made it a little more passionate. After it was done I walked off stage and texted my wife saying that if Miley doesn’t pick me, then there is nothing else I could have done. I left everything on that stage and was 100% happy with it.

In hindsight, I really don’t think I would have fit in that leopard jumpsuit with Miley and her team singing “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” I guess it is hard to make “herstory” with a 31-year-old, bearded, southern male rocker.

Voice Views: It’s been a while since you’ve released original music. Is new music in the works? If so, what can you tell me about that? Are you working with a band at this point?

Yes! God yes! My new album, “Warbird,” will be releasing in a few months. I plan to drop a single from it before the end of the year. It is totally consuming my life right now and I love every minute of it.

To me, the next important step is simple: release good songs! The guys on this album are fierce and the album is heavy and soulful. Think Soundgarden meets Zeppelin meets Skynyrd. James Valentine from Maroon 5 is playing a guest guitar solo on it. How awesome is that!?

I just launched my Kickstarter two days ago to fund this massive project, so I’m pushing that hard right now. I fully believe in this thing!

Voice Views: Other than the friends you met and made while participating in the show and the hometown support, what do you think will stick with you about The Voice experience?

Adam: The biggest thing that will stick with me is how I learned to focus my energy and perform under that kind of pressure. I’ve never been one to be nervous on stage, but playing on national television is a whole other ball game. That’s a serious mental game to overcome for any musician.

I didn’t do the best job with that on Season 12, but thankfully I got another chance to prove myself. I feel like the show forced me into a new level of professional mindset. I will forever be thankful to them for that.

Here are Adam’s social media links

Twitter: @adampearce

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