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Adanna Duru shows off her versatility on new album


Adanna Duru has released a debut album called "Stardive."

Adanna Duru has released a debut album called “Stardive.”

In 2012 at age 15, Adanna Duru earned a spot on Team Adam Levine on The Voice.

In 2015, at age 18, she made it all the way to the Top 11 on American Idol.

Now the South California -based singer and songwriter has released her first major project, the eight-track “Stardive.”

Adanna describes herself as a pop / soul artist and serves up a wide array of songs on her debut.

Among the standout tracks include the addictive, tongue-in-cheek “Quinn,” which she earlier released as a single, and a ballad “Are You Gonna Call.”

When she auditioned for The Voice, Adanna said she’d been performing all her life and started taking song writing seriously around age 12.

She still writes her music and also stays involved in the production of her songs.

“As an artist, it is so important to be a part of both the production process and the writing process,” she says on her Facebook page.

“I write all my own music, but I always make sure I play a large role in how the music itself is constructed. Music is an experience from all angles, so a song might not be very dense lyrically, but all the sounds that make it what it is are just as important as (sometimes more important than) the actual words.”

Nor is she bound by pop conventions. Just check out the runtime on the songs on “Stardive.” The title track runs six and a half minutes. A track called “Tony” is nearly six minutes long.

You can also follow Adanna through her website. On Twitter, she’s @adannaduru.

In case you missed it when it was released earlier this year, here’s the music video for Quinn.

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