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Agina Alvarez gives fans glimpse of ‘the real Agina’ with new music


Agina has released two singles and two music videos this spring and says "lots more" is on the way.

Agina has released two singles and two music videos this spring and says “lots more” is on the way.

Agina Alvarez released her second music video on Thursday.

And in releasing a wave of new original music, the young woman we met on Season 3 and Season 4 of The Voice says she’s reclaimed her musical identity.

The new video is for a song called “Up and Down,” released to iTunes in late April. It follows a song called “The Man You’ll Never Be,” released in March along with a Spanish version (“El Hombre Que Soñé).

In a Facebook post, Agina — she now performs under just her first name — tells fans she’s been working on her original music for the past two years and plans to release several more songs in the months to come.

Voice fans originally met Agina in Season 3 when she auditioned with “Turn the Beat Around” and failed to turn a chair. She returned for Season 4 and, at age 23, landed a spot on Team Adam Levine with her cover of “Beautiful Liar.”

Agina began her career as a performer at a young age and appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the Jerry Lewis Telethon and Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star.” She also recorded a Latin album, pre-Voice, only to have her then record label shelve the project.

The recent singles, she says, marks the first time she’s released her own music.

“I’ve released songs on iTunes before, but they were never mine and I never owned them. Being in this music industry for over two decades and not being able to sing my own songs made me feel like I had no identity,” she said when she released “The Man You’ll Never Be.”

“But today I smile and feel this wave of accomplishment rush through me. Because for the first time today I released an original song, that cuts through my soul and was made with blood, sweat and many tears. I don’t care if just my mom buys my song or a thousand people, but I can finally let everyone hear the ‘REAL Agina. And to me, that’s enough.”

The “blood, sweat and many tears” part? That’s because “The Man You’ll Never Be” was an anthem to Agina’s first love, a man who passed away before he got to hear the finished version.

“I was hesitant to release any music after because a lot of the songs are about him,” Agina writes on Facebook. “But he was my biggest fan, and I know he would be so mad if I didn’t let the world hear my voice and my songs. I hope this song brings peace to anyone out there who has been through heart ache. You are not alone.”

Here are the videos for that single and Agina’s latest release — “Up and Down” — which she accurately describes as “something a little more sexy.”

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