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Alisan Porter says new music is coming, though record deal ‘didn’t work out’


Alisan Porter, Season 10 winner of The Voice, says she's written her post-show EP and selected a lead single.

Alisan Porter, Season 10 winner of The Voice, says she’s written her post-show EP and selected a lead single.

The latest new music news from Alisan Porter should surprise no one.

Earlier this week, The Voice Season 10 winner tweeted that “not everything went perfectly with my ‘record deal’ so I went back to the drawing board.”

The good news: The music for her post-show EP is written and production began Friday.

And a single has been selected. It’s a song Alisan wrote with Matt Rollings and Stephony Smith.

No release date for the single or EP has been announced yet.

Back in late January, Alisan sent out a series of tweets voicing frustration with her post-show album making process, writing that she “almost allowed the powers that be change the authenticity” of her music.

She now seems confident in her new direction, minus the record label.

“Not only am I excited, but I know this was the right move for me. For us. I know you want music and I am dying to give it to you,” she wrote.

“Everything worked out for the better! Just took a little longer than expected.”

Of course, this marks another fail on the part of Republic Records. And another reason for Voice contestants to be skeptical of the grand prize that comes with winning the show.

Alisan becomes the fourth Voice winner whose post-show label deal failed to produce an album, joining Jermaine Paul (Season 2), Josh Kaufman (Season 6) and Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7).

Is it a coincidence that they were all past age 30 when they won the show?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The label hasn’t had much success with young artists either. Its deals with Matthew McAndrew and Chris Jamison following Season 7 were exercises in frustration. Season 8 teen phenom Sawyer Fredericks got to release an EP, then an album that contained all the songs on the EP. He’s no longer with the label either.

It’s gotten so bad that Season 11 runner-up Billy Gilman said he didn’t want to win the show because he didn’t want to be “owned” by a record label after the show.

Stay tuned. Season 11 winner Sundance Head signed his record deal with Republic back in early February.

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