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Anthony Alexander talks about music after The Voice

Anthony Alexander performs during Season 13 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Anthony Alexander performs during Season 13 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Anthony Alexander visited The Voice set numerous times when his father was a cameraman for the show.

He certainly got a different perspective in Season 13. And made the most of it.

Just 17 when he auditioned, Anthony turned three chairs with his performance of “Redbone” and joined Team Adam Levine.

He went on to defeat Michael Kight in the battle round and prevail over Hannah Mrozak (she was stolen) in the knockout round before being eliminated himself in the playoffs.

Here’s what Anthony told Voice Views about his time on the show and his music moving forward.

Voice Views: I know everything we’ve seen on the show was filmed a while back. What have you been doing musically since then?

Anthony: Since my last day at The Voice, I’ve been working on a lot of music and went right back to work in the studio. I’ve been actually doing a school tour performing at different high schools as well as elementary schools, doing concerts and talking to kids about believing in themselves, and working hard to accomplish their dreams.

I’ve also been performing at different venues around Los Angeles, and other parts of California, and have recently booked a four-show tour in Brazil in 2018. Very exciting. I was also made the grand marshal at my hometown Christmas parade.

Voice Views: What was your favorite performance from The Voice and why?

Anthony: My favorite performance on the voice would have to be my knockout song “Mercy.” I was happy to be able to show that I can also sing in a lower, more powerful range than what was shown in my blind audition song “Redbone.”

Voice Views: Where do you see The Voice experience leading you musically? Is original music in the works? If so, what can you tell me about that? What can fans expect in terms of sound/genre?

Anthony: Well, The Voice has definitely led me to much greater things at a faster pace than without the experience! But it has led me to give my “brand” a little more attention and way more production quality to my music and shows. And I would not be a true artist if I didn’t plan on creating my own original music!

My supporters can most definitely expect my original music to be released soon. I’ve always been known to record covers, and make them sound like my own music the best way I can interpret them, but now it’s time to focus on my own music.

On the show I was put in the “pop” category, but for my own music, I’m more of a pop/soul, R&B artist. My supporters can expect to hear a lot of real live instruments and heavy production with actual music being played, rather than an 8-bar drum loop with a hook.

But as far as genre, you can expect something along the line of James Bay meets Justin Timberlake while driving in a car to pick up JB Cooper on the way to Shawn Mendes’ house, lol.

Voice Views: Other than the friends you met and made while participating in the show and the hometown support, what do you think will stick with you about The Voice experience?

Anthony: What will stick with me from The Voice experience is the support of the stage, audio, lighting, and video crew! Knowing where I came from, I felt like I had a huge support team there with them! They always kept everything fun and really made me feel like they were proud of me, and that made me want to do my best and push through anything that gave me doubt.

Here are Anthony’s social media links.

Twitter: @anthonyofficial

Michael Kight and Anthony Alexander talk about their battle round match with Adam Levine. (NBC Photo)

Michael Kight and Anthony Alexander talk about their battle round match with Adam Levine. (NBC Photo)

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