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At 16, Addison Agen talks about the next steps in her music career


Addison Agen performs on The Voice Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

Addison Agen performs on The Voice Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

At age 16, Addison Agen just finished as runner-up on Season of The Voice.

And she already has a clear plan of what she wants for a sophomore album.

That’s right — sophomore album. Because Addison already released an excellent pre-show album called “New Places” filled with songs she wrote — now get this — before and at the age of 13.

“As a writer, I feel like I’ve grown so much in the past three years,” Addison told Voice Views Wednesday afternoon. “I’m really going to have a very acoustic feel to these next songs I’ll be releasing. Very acoustic, stripped down and organic sounding.

“I’ve been writing (for a new album) for a while, and it’s just a matter of making some good folk music with meaningful lyrics.”

Addison said her other immediate goal is to develop her support team — management, a booking agent and whatever else is necessary to “make this career possible to continue on for a very, very long time. It’s definitely not a single-handed job at all.”

The singer-songwriter and member of Team Adam Levine entered The Voice season finale coming off her best showing yet on the show.

She hit number one on iTunes for the first time with an original song, “Tennessee Rain.” And her cover performance of Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” was the emotional highlight of Top 4 night. Addison broke down at the end, and couldn’t manage the final line of the song.

“That’s been such a touching song for so many people, especially me,” she said. “That song was introduced to me by my grandpa a long, long time ago.

:The lyrics that I was singing on that song were literally saying, ‘When the dreams you’re dreaming comes true, when the work you put in is realized.’ As I was singing that, I’m standing on stage surrounded by people supporting and loving and cheering me on, living out my dream.

“So it was a very emotional time knowing that was the last time I would be singing on that stage, like a cover song. The song is just so beautiful and the lyrics are so meaningful to me.”

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Addison Agen performs her duet with Norah Jones on Tuesday's Season 13 finale of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Addison Agen performs her duet with Norah Jones on Tuesday’s Season 13 finale of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

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