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Billy Gilman drops 1st post-Voice single, with an Idol assist


Billy Gilman from The Voice Season 11 has released his first post-show single.

Billy Gilman from The Voice Season 11 has released his first post-show single.

Billy Gilman waited nearly a year after his second-place finish The Voice Season 11 to release his first post-show single.

He tells Voice Views it was more important to him to get it right than release it quickly.

So he reviewed more than 120 songs before settling on the right one.

The right one landed Friday. It’s called “Get It Got It Good.”

Check it out below. I dare you to listen without tapping your toes or moving some part of your body as Billy belts out an addictive pop tune.

“I was looking for songs that really show the direction I want to go with my music,” Billy said. “We went into the studio and recorded three new songs — stay tuned — and this one felt so good I wanted it to be the first one out.

“I love that it has a celebration of life feel to it. I think we need some of that these days.”

The song was written by Nathan Barlowe, Bryan Shackle and Kris Allen.

Yep, that Kris Allen, the Season 8 champ from American Idol.

Back to Billy, who was 28 when he auditioned for The Voice and has already experienced success in music as a child with a smash hit called “One Voice.”

The long wait for a new post-Voice single stemmed, Billy said, from the search for “the right songs, the right sound, the right producer, engineer, studio, etc.

“I knew that my first song released after The Voice would be scrutinized so I wanted to take my time and get it right,” he adds. “It was more important to me to get it right than to do it fast. And a little anticipation is a good thing.”

While fans enjoy the new single, they can keep anticipating.

Billy says he and his team are in conversations with several labels and distribution partners and more new music will be coming.

“My fans can always expect to hear songs that resonate with me -– uplifting, empowering songs that have great production value and let me show what I can do with my voice,” he says. “I love communicating through music; it’s what I do best!”

You can track Billy through his website and Facebook page. On Twitter, he’s simply @BillyGilman.

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  1. Elizabeth Harrison November 19, 2017 at 6:18 am -  Reply

    I’m so excited about his new single its hopping fabulous fun and fresh well done Billy Gilman your a true star

  2. Donna villarreal November 19, 2017 at 2:27 pm -  Reply

    cant wait!!!!! need more music from billy

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