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Brennley Brown is the social media darling of Team Gwen


Brennley Brown leads Team Gwen Stefani in social media support on Twitter and Instagram. (NBC Photo)

Brennley Brown leads Team Gwen Stefani in social media support on Twitter and Instagram. (NBC Photo)

Brennley Brown is one of three singers on Season 12 of The Voice would who have been too young to audition before the show dropped its age limit.

But social media numbers indicate she should be among the Team Gwen Stefanie favorites to be voted into the Season 12 finals.

The 15-year-old country singer from California leads the five remaining Team Gwen members in terms of support on Twitter and Instagram and trails only singer-songwriter Hunter Plake in support on Facebook.

More importantly, Brennley’s picked up more support on Twitter and Instragram since her blind audition than any other member of Team Gwen.

Those numbers are incredibly close through, with R&B singer J. Chosen and Hunter right behind Brennley in terms of new Twitter support.

Twitter will be one of the methods of voting in the live playoffs, set for Monday and Tuesday on The Voice.

Two teams will compete each night. The top two finishers in the live voting will automatically advance to the Top 12. Then each coach will save a third team member.

Here are the social media numbers for Team Gwen as of Thursday. Where possible, I’ve included the number of fans of followers each singer has gained since The Voice kicked off Season 12. That number is in parenthesis.

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Brennley Brown: @BrennleyBrown — 4,958 (+3,443)

Hunter Plake: @hunterplake — 3,569 (+3,300)

JChosen: @Jchosenmusic — 3,470 (+3,315)

Quizz Swanigan: @KidQuizz — 2,182 (+1,910)

Troy Ramey: @iamtroymusic — 1,669 (+1,164)


Brennley Brown: brennleybrown — 11,000 (+7,672)

JChosen: jchosenmusic — 10,600 (+6,287)

Hunter Plake: hunterplake — 8,369 (+6,412)

Quizz Swanigan: kidquizz — 7,407 (+5,037)

Troy Ramey: iamtroymusic — 5,836 (+1,102)


Hunter Plake — 8,421 fans

Brennley Brown — 2,670 fans

Troy Ramey — 2,561

Quizz Swanigan — 2,505 fgans

JChosen — 2,278 fans

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  1. Marcy Mills April 17, 2017 at 11:08 pm -  Reply

    Vote Brennley!!!!!!Shes the whole package. What a beautiful voice, dynamic personality, powerful control over her performance,the stage and her audience and from her heart, she FEELS every word she sings.

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