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Brian Nhira, Aaron Brave team up to deliver a message through music


Brian Nhira, and Aaron Brave have collaborated on a new single called "Flaws?"

Brian Nhira, and Aaron Brave have collaborated on a new single called “Flaws?”

Lots of people are concerned about the divisiveness that seems to permeate American society these days.

Season 10 Voice contestant Brian Nhira and friend Aaron Brave turned those concerns into a song and music video.

The single is called “Flaws?” and landed last week. It can best be summed up in two lines from the song: “Trying to understand where our love ran dry / And our differences turned into our flaws.”

Brian told Voice Views he and Aaron were classmates at Oral Roberts University and the song sprang from a conversation “about the current state of events in America and across the world.

“It was written to express the importance of looking at each other for what we are first and foremost, human beings; and ​not the often negative connotations that accompany our perceptions of people whom we don’t understand or that don’t look like us,” Brian said.

In the video, while Brian and Aaron sing, images flash across their bodies “highlighting the best in us and the worst that we can often be.

“While there is immense heartbreak and tragedy taking place in the world, there is also a tremendous amount of good that is also taking place,” Brian noted.

Brian has released three other singles and music videos this year, including two — “Oh No” and “Would You Still Love Me” — that tell the story of a young couple.

Brian says that couple’s story will continue with a new single early next year.

In the meantime, he’s busy preparing for a special Christmas concert set for Saturday, Dec. 16, in Tulsa, Okla.

It’s the second year Brian has hosted a Christmas show to benefit the Backpack Project. This year’s show will feature four other Voice contestants — Whitney Fenimore, Caity Peters, Malik Heard and Shayla Fearing.

Now, here’s the video for “Flaws?”

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