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Carson Daly lies, then explains the block


Carson Daly and Alicia Keys during a Season 13 episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Carson Daly and Alicia Keys during a Season 13 episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

The Voice introduced its new twist — the block — in a video posted Friday.

Later in the day the show posted a second video.

In it, show host Carson Daly lies, then explains the block.

More on the lie later, first here’s how it will work.

The block will be used during the blind auditions. A coach can use it to block another coach from landing an artist.

For instance, suppose there’s an especially impressive male rocker who would be prone to choose Adam Levine as his coach, but Blake wants the singer too.

Blake could push his block button, eliminating the possibility of that singer joining Team Adam.

In the video, Carson clears up a couple of key points. Each coach only gets one block during the blind auditions. And no more than one block can be used during a single singer’s audition.

Carson calls the block “a complete game changer,” which is quite an exaggeration.

What it amounts to is another gimmick, designed to keep the show fresh, I suppose. It will certainly provide the coaches with another reason for good-natured bickering.

And, once again, it comes at the expense of the contestants.

Suppose I’m a country singer who has dreamed of making it to The Voice blind auditions, turning four chairs and joining Team Blake.

I earn a shot in the blind auditions. I even turn four chairs. I even watch Blake’s chair turn.

But then I hear an obnoxious noise and see the word blocked light up in front of Blake’s chair.

I’m likely to be more disappointed than amused.

And I’d have every right to feel cheated.

Singers who perform so well they turn multiple chairs earn the right to select a coach. The show shouldn’t be taking that back.

Then comes the lie, which struck me as downright unbelievable 14 seasons into The Voice.

The video clip starts out with Carson spouting these words: “Hi, everyone, I’m going to show you something we’re so excited about and nobody else has seen it, not even the coaches.”

What the hell?

The blind auditions for Season 14 were filmed in October. The battle rounds were filmed last month. The knockouts were filmed about a week ago.

Every longtime fan of The Voice realizes the early portion of the show is pre-taped.

Not only have the coaches seen the block, they’ve used it. Hundreds of people in the studio audience watched them use it.

And even if Carson filmed the bit months ago, he’s an executive producer on the show and had to know The Voice wasn’t going to unveil its latest twist until months later.

It’s just another example of sloppy p.r. from The Voice. You’d expect more from an Emmy winning TV show.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Voice rounds up incredible talent, season after season.

Producers should stop coming up with gimmicks and focus on creating the best possible showcase for those artists.

Here’s the clip.

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