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Check out the missed auditions of Andrea Thomas and Davina Leone


Davina Leone performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Davina Leone performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

I won’t stop scolding The Voice for montaging blind audition performances until the show finally stops montaging blind audition performances.

I thought Season 12 might be the season the show finally wised up and played fair for all contestants.

Nope, they were back at it Monday night, montaging performances by Andrea Thomas, who wound up on Team Blake, and Davina Leone, who wound up on Team Gwen.

And this season, it’s more inexcusable than ever.

By my count, the show has featured 10 singers who didn’t make the show. That’s right, 10. Yet they couldn’t find airtime to introduce us to Andrea and Davina.

The Voice is apparently filling an hour of NBC airtime with a blind audition recap show Wednesday night. Yet they couldn’t find airtime to introduce us to Andrea and Davina.

Pure nonsense.

It can’t be because the singers don’t have interesting stories to share.

Andrea Thomas performs on The Voice Season 12 (NBC Photo)

Andrea’s grandfather is in the gospel music hall of fame. According to The Voice website, she worked as a background singer for country superstar Carrie Underwood from 2012 to 2015. She’s already released at least one album and a Christmas EP.

Davina was so bullied as a youth, she switched schools several times, The Voice website tells us. That inspired her to get involved in an anti-bullying campaign. A couple of years back, she released a song called “Wide Awake” that’s absolutely one of the best pre-Voice pop songs you’ll find from a Season 12 artist. It was featured in a Hallmark movie.

Yet The Voice couldn’t find time to introduce us to Andrea and Davina.


At least the show finally decided to post the montaged performances online. That couldn’t have been too difficult, since the cameras must have been rolling when they performed.

I’d congratulate The Voice for doing that. Except that it took 12 seasons for the show to do what producers should have been doing all along.

Here’s hoping we get to see Andrea and Davina during the battle round. No guarantee, of course.

Just ask Rebekah Samarin (Season 7) or Katherine Ho (Season 10). They both made it to the knockout round on The Voice. And never had a single performance air.

Shame on you, The Voice.

Here are the performances we missed on Monday.

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