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Check out the ominous new music video from Jean Kelley


Jean Kelley from Season 7 of The Voice has released a music video for her post-show debut single, “Stacking Stones.”

And you have to be impressed with the big-budget look of the video, considering Jean was also financing a debut EP from the $45,000 she raised through a Kickstarter campaign.

As for the video itself … well, you can check it out at right. Let’s just say it begins much more ominously than it ends.

No word yet on when the EP will be available.

The single was released in early August. Here’s how Jean described it to “If we’re lucky, we will all come face to face with the reality of the role we’ve played in shaping our lives. In that moment, we have the opportunity to take ownership of our choices, make new ones, and start down a path that is worthy of our hearts. ‘Stacking Stones’ is the anthem of my journey.”

Jean finished Top 20 on Season 7. I still recall her duet of “Survivor” with Sugar Joans as one of my favorite performances from that season.

You can follow Jean on her website and Facebook page. On Twitter, she’s @JeanKelleyMusic.

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