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Christina Grimmie leads the way on social media for The Voice


The Voice finals begin Monday night on NBC.

And here’s one of the key questions as the final 12 take the stage: Can Christina Grimmie motivate her fan base?

Christina Grimmie holds a big edge in social media on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Christina Grimmie holds a big edge in social media on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

If she can, the other contestants on the show face pretty long odds.

Check out the numbers below and the gap the YouTube star from New Jersey enjoys over the other contestants in terms of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

And there are three other factors that would seem to make the gal from New Jersey, 19 when she auditioned, the favorite entering Monday’s show.

1. She has picked up more Twitter followers since Season 6 of The Voice began (about 31,000) than any of other contestant now has.

2. She posted a cover of “Feelin’ Good” to YouTube six days ago. It now has more than 266,000 views.

3. She was brilliant on her cover of “I Won’t Give Up” in the playoffs, and it showed on iTunes. Her song was the only one from the playoffs to crack the Top 100 on iTunes’ overall singles chart. And it went Top 20 on the pop chart.

Now, here’s a look at how all the contestants compare in terms of Twitter followers and Facebook likes, complete with links to those pages for each singer.


1. Christina Grimmie (Team Adam) — 2,100,000

2. Kat Perkins (Team Adam) — 24,425

3. Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira) — 15,026

4. Delvin Choice (Team Adam) — 13,414

5. Jake Worthington (Team Blake) — 12,388

6. Bria Kelly (Team Usher) — 11,994

7. Josh Kaufman (Team Usher) — 7,627

8. Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake) — 7,284

9. Tess Boyer (Team Shakira) — 5,851

10. Dani Moz (Team Shakira) — 4,466

11. Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake) — 1,682

12. T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher) — 1,528


1. Christina Grimme: @TheRealGrimmie — 427,000

2. Bria Kelly: @BriaKelly 24,100

3. Audra McLaughlin: @AudraLynn21 — 17,600

4. Jake Worthington: @JDW_Music — 12,900

5. Kat Perkins: @katperkinsmusic — 11,500

6. Tess Boyer: @TessHannahMusic — 9,157

7. Kristen Merlin: @KristenMerlin — 7,848

8. Delvin Choice: @drchoice — 7,648

9. Sisaundra Lewis: @Sisaundra — 6,613

10. Josh Kaufman: @iamjoshkaufman — 6,596

11. Dani Moz: @DaniMozMusic — 4,828

12. T.J. Wilkins: @iamtjwilkins — 3,791

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