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David Archuleta, Madilyn Paige team up for magical music video


David Archuleta posted this photo of himself with  Madilyn Paige when they were working on the duet.

David Archuleta posted this photo of himself with Madilyn Paige when they were working on the duet.

David Archuleta’s lovely duet with Madilyn Paige from his “Postcards in the Sky” album now has a matching music video.

David released the video for “Seasons” this morning. David, of course, was the Season 7 runner-up on American Idol. Madilyn was a Top 20 finisher on Season 6 of The Voice. Both are Utah-based.

And David wrote the song with Stephanie Mabey and Dustin Christensen. You might remember the latter. Dustin competed on Season 9 of The Voice.

In the music video, which you can check out below, David and Madilyn never face one another. David is bathed in blue light; Madilyn in what looks more like sunlight.

That was by design, David told Variety, which premiered the video earlier today.

Here’s what David told the site the story behind the song: “I felt like the woman in the relationship is the hopeful one while the guy is really negative.

“It seems like a lot of times it’s harder for guys to stay committed to something whereas women usually are the ones who keep pulling through to the end.”

As for how the “Seasons” duet came about? David answered that question when I interviewed him about “Postcards in the Sky.”

“I saw Madilyn’s videos and knew she lived close-ish to my family,” he explained. “I loved what she’s about and, when I listened to a video I came across, I thought her voice would go really well with the missing female part I needed. She did a great job and I really enjoyed working with her.”

“Seasons” is one of the reasons “Postcards in the Sky” made my list of best post-American Idol albums of 2017.

Here’s the music video, directed by Dusty Barker.

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  1. Mari January 25, 2018 at 1:46 pm -  Reply

    David wrote this beautiful song with help from 2 other writers and the video is so captivating ❤️❤️

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