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David Cook announces EP; Pledge campaign off to blazing start


The cover art of David Cook's upcoming EP.

The cover art of David Cook’s upcoming EP.

David Cook funded his last album with a highly successful Pledge Music drive.

It appears the same will be true with his upcoming EP.

Today, David announced the EP will be named “Chromance” and he revealed the cover art (that’s it at right).

He’s also launched his Pledge Music campaign. And several of the reward offers are already gone.

That includes holiday card from David (for $50) and handwritten lyric sheets (for $100).

But, of course, lots of goodies remain, and an access pass and EP download is available for just $5.99.

David hasn’t announced a release date yet for the project. The lead single, “Gimme Heartbreak” dropped this summer.

It’ll be David’s first major project since he released “Digital Vein” in the fall of 2015.

Despite being released independently, that album debuted at number 35 on the Billboard 200.

David, the Season 7 American Idol champ, posted the following message to fans on his website this morning.

“Thank you all for being so damn supportive of not just this EP, but of everything I’ve had the privilege to do this past almost-decade,” he writes.

“As we get to closer to the release of this new music, it’s not lost on me the miles you’ve traveled, dollars you’ve spent/raised, time you’ve given, and noise you’ve made on my behalf. You’re awesome and stuff.”

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  1. Incipit9 October 31, 2017 at 3:41 am -  Reply

    Very nice article about David Cook’s new music, Mark Franklin, thank you. We think the name of #the NewEP that David released Monday, Chromance, is a blended word made from the music from the Chromatic scale and the polychromatic neons from the color wheel added to romance; first person to interview David about it could ask?

    There are six tracks, and the two we haven’t heard yet are highly anticipated. One small problem though, you are missing the “H” in CHROMANCE in your write-up. Perhaps you could edit that before the article starts getting linked with the wrong name for the EP attached? Thanks again.

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