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Felicia Temple talks about The Balancing Act, her new EP


Felicia Temple finished in the Top 24 on Season 12 of The Voice. Now she's released her third EP and her first since the show.

Felicia Temple finished in the Top 24 on Season 12 of The Voice. Now she’s released her third EP and her first since the show.

Felicia Temple was undeniably one of the best female vocalists on Season 12 of The Voice.

Now she’s released a post-show EP that proves her musical talent goes beyond vocals.

The six-track “The Balancing Act” landed Friday. Felicia wrote and produced the entire EP.

And fans are responding. By 10 a.m., the EP was already number 26 on the iTunes R&B albums chart.

Felicia told Voice Views the project began before she even knew she’d be on The Voice

In fact, it started back when she was fighting her now well-publicized battle with cancer and “needed an outlet.”

And a couple of the songs — “Carpe Diem” and “Okay, Alright” — clearly stem from that experience.

The latter includes telephone messages of love and support from family and friends when she was undergoing cancer treatments and is especially moving.

“I was home and called out sick from work because I was throwing up from my chemotherapy,” Felicia says. “I was crying and so upset; it was understandably not the best day for me.

“I sat down at my keyboard and the words just flowed out — ‘sometimes you can feel like the world is on your shoulders’ — and the rest followed.

“So many people were there to lift my spirit when I had days like that. I decided to take their actual voicemails and put them in the song. It’s my special way of thanking everyone for supporting me.”

As for the EP’s title — well, that came naturally.

In addition to being a singer and a cancer survivor, you’ll recall that Felicia is a full-time nurse. In fact, she posted a Facebook photo of herself approving masters for the EP while on break during a 14-hour shift at the hospital where she works.

“In the past two years I have balanced work, music, a growing love life — I’m now engaged! — having cancer and recovering,” Felicia says.

“Being sick never stopped me from doing music. I have no management or team and it’s truly a full-time job to pull off a project like this. I’m so excited for the world to hear this labor of love.”

I’ve embedded “Okay, Alright” below. Be sure to check out the rest of the EP on any of the sites where new music is typically available. Another highlight is the sultry “No One But You.”

Meanwhile, you can follow her through Felicia through her Facebook page and website. On Twitter, she is @feliciatemple.

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