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Five more singers earn spots on The Voice


Johnny Gates turned four chairs with his version of "Maggie May" on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Johnny Gates turned three chairs with his version of “Maggie May” on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Tonight, we meet five more contestants on Season 12 of The Voice.

And since there are only five contestants to meet during an hour-long show, I’m really hoping that the show has finally done away with those awful montage segments.

I mean, The Voice has already introduced us to seven singers who failed to turn a chair with their blind auditions.

The show certainly wouldn’t do that, then montage singers who earned a spot on Season 12. Would they?

Johnny Gates, 31, Providence, R.I.: Her parents owned an Italian wedding venue. Johnny said he was a late bloomer where music is concerned. He was a senior when friends invited him to join a band because he had long hair. At one point, it sounds as though he had a record deal. But they worked on a debut album for two years and it wound up on a shelf. He and his band also toured with Rod Stewart at one point. As a result, he’ll audition with “Maggie May.” Nice opening for Johnny. He earns chair turns from Blake and Gwen. Then another from Alicia. Alicia calls his tone “outrageous.” Johnny joins Team Gwen.

Malik Davage, 23, Washington, D.C.: He grew up in a rough area of D.C. and says his father was in prison since he was 2 years old. He says “singing to me is just life.” And he says he’s “put years. into this dream.” Malik also has a daughter; there’s no mention of the mom. He’s going to sing “Sure Thing” by Miguel and says he wants to turn a chair for his daughter. His hip-hop vibe prompts a quick chair turn from Adam. And Adam . winds up being the only coach facing in his direction.

Lauryn Judd, 16, Utah: She spends a lot of her school time in choir and theater, Lauryn says. She says she’s been singing since she could talk. When she was 11, she joined a theater company. Her dad sings in a church choir. She’s singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. Wow, how overdone is this song on these competitions. That said, Lauryn has a very nice tone. Alicia is confused and thinks it might be a duo performing. Midway through the performance, Gwen, Alicia and Blake all turn around. Nice job, Lauryn. Gwen compliments her on a cool style. Blake liked her unique sound. Lauryn opts to join Team Alicia.

Paul Adrian, Texas: His dad died in Iraq when he was just 10. He dreams of being a full-time musician and says music helped him cope with his father’s death. He says he’d like to work with Adam. He’ll sing a Ray Charles song, “I Got a Woman.” This guy is a good performer, but the vocal is a little all over the place. And no one turns, making Paul the eighth singer we’ve met who doesn’t make the show.

Caroline Sky wound up having to choose between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani following her blind audition on Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Caroline Sky wound up having to choose between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani following her blind audition on Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Caroline Sky, 16, Calif.: She says her family formed a little band while she was growing up. She now does a lot of charity shows. It sounds like she prefers folk and singer-songwriter type music. She’s going to sing “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King, noting that her idol was just 17 when she wrote that song. Caroline gets a chair turn from Gwen at the end of the first run-through of the chorus. At the very end of the song, Blake turns as well. Gwen says she loved Caroline’s voice. Caroline joins Team Gwen.

Josh Hoyer, 40, Lincoln, Neb.: He and his wife of 10 years have two children. He’s a bartender at the Zoo Bar and also performs with his band. Performs quite a bit, from the sounds of it. He’ll sing “Oh Girl” by the Chi Lites. Nice opening from Josh. The coaches are singing along, but they aren’t turning. Then, well into the performance, Gwen and Blake turn simultaneously. Adam liked the soulful wisdom in his voice. Blake says there’s nobody like him on the show. Josh joins Team Blake, giving him his first male artist for Season 12.

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