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Blake lands more country talent — Casi Joy, Ashley Levin


Ashley Levin listens to the feedback after turning three chairs on The Voice Season 12 blind auditions. (NBC Photo)

Ashley Levin listens to the feedback after turning three chairs on The Voice Season 12 blind auditions. (NBC Photo)

So far, we’ve met 13 singers who’ve earned spots on Season 12 of The Voice.

Tonight, we’ll hear from five more.

And if you’re keeping count, we’ve had three four-chair turns so far.

This is actually the second part of a two-hour episode the was supposed to air Tuesday.

But Trump screwed up that plan by addressing Congress at 9 p.m. Tuesday, prompting The Voice to split the episode in half.

And on with the auditions.

Ashley Levin, 23, Miami: Her parents separated in eighth grade. Her father is suffering from early onset Alzheimers. Ashley says that’s when she started songwriting to deal with her emotions. She’s a college graduate. She’ll sing “Let Him Fly.” She immediately displays a really nice tone. It’s taking a long time for the coaches to turn. Finally, Blake and Gwen turned simultaneously. Near the end of the performance, Alicia spins her chair as well. Gwen compliments the vibrato and sweetness in Ashley’s voice. Alicia liked the blues in Ashley’s voice. Ashley says she loves country music and songwriting and that’s why she moved to Nashville. Ashley joins Team Blake.

Brandon Royal, 31, Virgin Islands: During college, he and a friend performed as Them Island Boyz. Then he moved to Florida, but says his efforts to continue to pursue a career there have been bleak. So he became a firefighter and EMT. Brandon actually says he hasn’t performed on stage for five years. He’ll perform “Jammin’.” He’s bringing a reggae feel to The Voice. And that prompts chair turns from Gwen and Blake. Landing this artist might be a more difficult task for Blake. Gwen liked the pureness of Brandon’s performance. And, once again, she talks about her involvement in different genres of music. Brandon joins Team Gwen.

Adam Pearce, 30, New Orleans: He wasn’t musical in high school, but picks up a guitar to impress the love of his life. He wound up performing in a variety of bands, performing at hole-in the-wall bars Google can’t even find, he says. He performs four to six times per week, but calls The Voice the biggest audience he’ll ever play for. After 12 years, he says he’s ready to take the nex at step musically. He’ll perform “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” He displays a rasp Voice coaches typically like, but none turn, despite an impressive glory note.

Julien Martinez, 21, Calif.: He’s in a band, attending college and he’s a teacher’s aide in an after-school program. He struggled with ADD as a child and said music helped his focused. Like this gent’s sound too. He’s got nice stage presence too. At the very last growl, Julien earns a chair turn from Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. “It was the scream,” Blake says. Julien teaches meditation and photography. Blake wants Julien’s scream on his team. Adam likes the “intangibles” Julien brings to the table. Julien joins Team Adam.

Casi Joy turned four chairs during the Season 12 blind auditions for The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Casi Joy turned four chairs during the Season 12 blind auditions for The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Quizz Swanigan, 13, Calif.: At age 6, he did his first performance of a Michael Jackson song. He found himself in a Michael Jackson tribute band. The family eventually moved to Los Angeles so he could pursue his career. And, yep, he’s just 13 and says he’s glad The Voice lowered its audition age. He’ll sing “Who’s Loving You.” Wow, that was a shaky opening. He’s doing a little better now. Not thrilled with these stage antics. The whole vocal seems forced. He does deliver an impressive glory note. He winds up with Gwen and Alicia facing his direction. Alicia likes the fluid innocence in Quizz’s voice. Nice of Quizz to bring his little sister out on stage. Quizz joins Team Alicia.

Casi Joy, 26, Nashville: She plays on Broadway in Nashville for tips. She moved there with her finance and calls herself a “minnow in an ocean of talent.” She hails from Kansas City and she’s released lots of music. She’ll sing “Blue,” one of the songs that inspired her to be a singer. And her opening prompts an almost immediate chair turn from Gwen. Next to turn: Alicia. You just know Blake will join them at some point. And there he goes. Adam follows, giving Casi a four-chair turn. She’s dancing with joy on stage. Gwen calls her performance “magical.” Adam says he would do “cartwheels” to have her on his team. Blake loved the yodel and says the two of them working together is “meant to be.” Casi joins Team Blake.

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