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Gina Zo delivers intoxicating new single


Gina Zo from The Voice Season 10 has released a new single.

Gina Zo from The Voice Season 10 has released a new single.

Gina Zo is at it again, releasing an intoxicating new single called “Chalkboard.”

It’s a song about a love that’s turned “unconditionally poisonous” and a lover whose voice “sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

It’s also the first single off a larger project called “The Maine Project.”

On Instagram, Gina calls it “the tale of love and disaster I’ve forever discussed.”

Gina was Gina Castanzo on Season 10 of The Voice, when both of her performances were montaged.

Since then, she’s become one of the most prolific past contestants in terms of releasing new music, with two albums in 2017 alone — “My Weakness” and “Free Your Soul.”

“Grouplove” from the latter album made Voice Views list of best post-show songs of 2017.

Gina says a video for “Chalkboard” is coming as well. It’ll be out in “the next couple weeks.”

Meanwhile, Gina has scheduled her first show of 2018. It’s set for Feb. 7 at Creep Records Store in Philly.

She’s also posted a new blog about her experience on The Voice. Check it out here.

Now, for “Chalkboard” (that link takes you to the song on iTunes).

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