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Gina Zo releases her 2nd album this year


Gina Zo, from The Voice Season 10, has released her second album this year.

Gina Zo, from The Voice Season 10, has released her second album this year.

As an 18-year-old who landed a spot on Team Blake Shelton, Gina Castanzo failed to make it past the battle round on The Voice.

What were they thinking?

With a stage name shortened to Gina Zo, the singer-songwriter from West Chester, Pa., just released her second album this year.

“Free Your Soul” is a collection of her best music yet, including standout tracks like “Grouplove,” “Drunk on a Tuesday” and “My Heart.”

Her free-wheeling style — a bit reminiscent of Stevie Nicks — is evident on the first two of those songs. “My Heart” is more pop-radio friendly.

Gina has been providing the stories behind the songs on her Instagram page. “Drunk on a Tuesday” stems from her experience as a freshman in college.

“When I got to school I was so shocked that people would go out every single night and break up with their love every single night and would regret everything the next morning,” she writes.

“This song is about a person who gets drunk on a random night of the week and make themselves believe that they live in the real world when in reality they made this all up for themselves … I hope this song makes you realize that a drink is just a drink but a love lasts a lifetime.”

As for “Grouplove,” Gina says everyone in her band contributed to that song.

“The title goes with not only the theme of loving all, but when I was writing the song I thought it had a similar vibe to the band Grouplove. And so we decided to title it after the vision of equality and passion for everyone.”

As for “My Heart,” you can check out a snippet of that song below.

“Free Your Soul” features eight tracks. It’s a followup to “My Weakness,” an album Gina released in February, featuring a standout track called “Gypsy Sounds.”

Just for good measure, Gina also recently celebrated her birthday by releasing a cover of “Torn” with two of her friends.

You can follow Gina and track where she’s performing on her Facebook page. On Twitter, she’s @gina_zo.


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