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Halo Circus debuts bold, different sound on ‘Narcissist’


Halo Circus is now Matthew Sager and former American Idol standout Allison Iraheta

Halo Circus is now Matthew Sager and former American Idol standout Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta and Halo Circus is back with a boldly different new single called “Narcissist.”

Of course, Halo Circus itself looks a bit different than when Allison announced the formation of the band back in early 2013.

When “Bunny,” the group’s debut album, landed in 2016, Halo Circus was a four-piece band.

Now Halo Circus is an electronic synth-pop duo consisting of Allison and husband Matthew Hager.

And if you like “Narcissist” — which you can check out below — you’ll be happy to hear more Halo Circus music is coming soon.

Allison and Matthew will release a new album called “Robots and Wranglers” on March 16.

They’ve also announced a 24-date tour that includes stops in Pittsburgh (April 6) and Philly (April 11).

You can check out all the tour dates on their Facebook page. More stops will likely be added.

As for “Narcissist,” part of the song seems to have political overtones.

“Here’s the way I run the country / I hate you but want you to love me / and don’t you ever stop thinking of me / I have you but want you to love me,” Allison sings early in the song.

But in an interview with Billboard, the former American Idol standout, now 25, said immersion in social media as a whole inspired the song.

“We spent every day on tour on our phones on social media,” she says in an interview you can read here. “You get to a point where you wake up, turn to the phone and you’re immersed in that world. Whether you want to be filled in on the daily news and the world’s opinions on it or not, it’s all screaming in your face. All the time.

“That being said, it is also incredibly fun to sing.”

You can also keep up with Halo Circus through their website. On Twitter, they’re simply @HaloCircus.

Here’s “Narcissist.”

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