Felicia Barton, Joanna Pacitti, Season 8 Contestants

Idol’s ringer from Philly is gone


felicia-barton.jpgBy MARK FRANKLIN

Joanna Pacitti. Gone from the final 36.

Felicia Barton (right). Welcome to the final 36.

Fox announced this morning that Joanna, the Philly girl who released a major label album, “This Crazy Life,” in 2006, has been booted, a night after the episode ran in which the final 36 contestants were announced.

In fact, a night after the judges had declared that Joanna deserved another chance, despite the fact that she had turned in error-filled performances during Hollywood Week.

The American Idol Web site now lists the final 36 contestants. Indeed, Joanna’s name is gone. In its place is Felicia Barton, a 26-year-old from Virginia Beach who auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why did Joanna get the boot? The Fox press release says, “It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer has posted a story on her dismissal. Read it here.

Oh, well, Joanna showed much more promise than Carly Smithson, the ringer in last year’s competition. But she was a ringer just the same.

Bottom line: If you’ve recorded an album with a major record label, you have no business in a competition that’s supposed to be about discovering new talent.

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