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Jack Cassidy, Hunter Plake score biggest battle round hit on The Voice

Hunter Plake (left) and Jack Cassidy perform during the battle round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Hunter Plake (left) and Jack Cassidy perform during the battle round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Calum Scott took to Twitter to congratulate Jack Cassidy and Hunter Plake on their “incredible performance” of his song “Dancing on My Own” during The Voice battle round.

He was far from the only one to appreciate it.

Not only did both singers advance to the knockout round, the song became the most popular on iTunes from the 24 performed during the battle round.

In fact, it’s the best-charting song so far in Season 12, hitting number 25 on the overall iTunes singles chart by noon the day after the performance aired.

The best chart performance during the blind audition came from Chris Blue, whose cover of “Tracks of My Tears” hit number 131 on that chart.

The Jack Cassidy-Hunter Plake version of “Dancing on My Own” also cracked the Top 10 on the tough-to-scale iTunes pop chart.

“That was very unexpected and mind blowing to be honest with you,” Hunter told Voice Views. “Jack and I were talking about it, and we had a feeling it would get popular, but we didn’t know it was going to be in the Top 10 on the pop charts. So that was pretty awesome. I guess you can’t really guess when that’s going to happen.”

Jack said the song is one of his favorites and one he’s been performing for a long time.

“When they announced what song was chosen, it was a song from my list,” said the grandson of Shirley Jones. “I was like ‘score.'”

When they announced who he’d be singing with … well, Jack admits he didn’t know Hunter that well and initially underestimated his vocal ability.

“Hunter came out and he just he knocked it out of the park,” Jack said “But I gave a great performance as well and we just we both really blended really nicely. I had good confidence that we were both going to advance in the moment.

“I was not sure who was going to win. It could have gone either way at any turn. But it was very obvious that Hunter was going to get stolen or myself if that happened.”

As it turned out, Alicia Keys decided to advance Jack to the knockout round. But Jack’s prediction turned out to be accurate. Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani both tried to steal Hunter.

He went with Gwen for a simple reason.

“Gwen turned for me in the blind (auditions),” he noted. “I would say (my) blind wasn’t the best that I could give vocally. There were a lot of nerves going on, and she still turned.”

Here’s a look at the battle round songs that cracked the Top 200 on iTunes overall singles chart or a genre chart.

All rankings were taken at noon the day after the performance aired because that’s when voting ends following a live show on The voice.

And, again, keep in mind that it’s impossible to compare performances from one genre chart to another. The pop and country charts are historically much tougher to climb than the rock and R&B charts.

The knockout round begins Monday on The Voice.

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Overall singles chart

#25 — Hunter Plake and Jack Cassidy — “Dancing on My Own”

#181 — Lilli Passero and Lauryn Judd, “Every Little Bit Hurts”

#188 — Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown, “Better Man”

#193 — Johnny Gates and Sammie Zonana, “I Drove All Night”

Country singles chart

#36 — Lauren Duski (advanced on Team Blake) and Brennley Brown (stolen by Gwen) — “Better Man”

#55 — Casi Joy (advanced on Team Blake) and Ashley Levin (stolen by Alicia) — “How Blue”

Pop singles chart

#10 — Hunter Plake (stolen by Gwen) and Jack Cassidy (advanced on Team Alicia) — “Dancing on My Own”

#41 — Lilli Passero (advanced on Team Alicia) and Lauryn Judd (eliminated), “Every Little Bit Hurts”

#54 — Davina Leone (stolen by Adam) and Brandon Royal (advanced on Team Gwen), “In the Night”

#98 — Jesse Larson (advanced on Team Adam) and Taylor Alexander (eliminated, “Shameless”

#105 — Quizz Swanigan (advanced on Team Alicia) and Felicia Temple (stolen by Blake) — “Titanium”

#120 — Aliyah Moulden (advanced on Team Blake) versus Dawson Coyle (stolen by Alicia) — “Walking on Sunshine”

#185 — Mark Isaiah (advanced on Team Adam) and Gaby Borromeo (eliminated) — “Pillowtalk”

Rock singles chart

#3 — Johnny Gates (advanced on Team Gwen) versus Sammie Zonana (eliminated) — “I Drove All Night”

#12 — Stephanie Rice (advanced on Team Gwen) and Caroline Sky (stolen by Blake) — “The First Cut is the Deepest”

#158 — Johnny Hayes (advanced on Team Adam) and Julie Martinez (eliminated) — “Hard to Handle”

#185 — Troy Ramey (advanced on Team Gwen) and Jozy Bernadette (eliminated) — “Angel Eyes”

R&B / soul singles chart

#18 — Vanessa Ferguson (advanced on Team Alicia) and Autumn Turner (stolen by Adam) — “Killing Me Softly”

#24 — Chris Blue (advanced on Team Alicia) versus RJ Collins (eliminated) — “Adorn”

#40 — JChosen (advanced for Team Gwen) and Kenny P (eliminated) — “I Was Made to Love Her”

#61 — TSoul (advanced on Team Blake) and Josh Hoyer (eliminated) — “In the Midnight Hour”

#189 — Malik Devage (advanced on Team Adam) and Kawan DeBose (eliminated) — “Love Me Now”

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