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Jacquie Lee pays tribute to Christina Grimmie with her new single


Jacquie Lee from The Voice Season 5

Jacquie Lee, runner-up on Season 5 of The Voice, released her first single in nearly two years on Friday.

Wow, did The Voice ever miss out on a potentially magical moment Tuesday night.

Jacquie Lee, the runner-up from Season 5 of The Voice, just released a song called “Somebody’s Angel” and the accompanying music video.

The song and video are tributes to all the cultural icons lost in 2016 — Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Prince, etc. — and to all those who died in tragedies over the course of the past year.

It’s also a tribute to Jacquie Lee’s close friend Christina Grimmie, who was killed by a crazed fan during a meet-and-greet after a concert last summer.

In fact, the closing footage in the video shows Jacquie Lee and Christina happily performing together.

Jacquie Lee had paid tribute to Christina on Instagram at the time of her death, posting a photo of them sharing a laugh in what looks like a dressing room and asking everyone to pray for Christina’s family.

“She has touched so many people in so many ways and made a huge mark in the world. She made a huge mark in mine. A beautiful soul that will live on in my heart forever,” Jacquie Lee wrote at the time.

Can you imagine how powerful it would have been to have Jacquie Lee perform that song on Tuesday’s finale, with the video projected in the background?

It certainly would have been more memorable than the guest performances from Sting, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Or from all three put together for that matter.

Oh, well, the finale is over and Jacquie Lee’s song just hit iTunes at midnight. Hopefully, it gets the attention it deserves.

Jacquie Lee shares the story behind the song on Popdust,.

Jacquie Lee told PopDust she was struggling to deal with Christina’s death when she met a homeless woman who was dealing with the death of her mother.

“She asked me if I had ever dealt with death and if I believed in a heaven,” Jacquie Lee told the site. “Surprisingly, I started opening up to her within seconds. All of the details of the pain of loss and faith came spilling out of my mouth. Before I had to leave, she left me with the words, ‘Don’t worry, she is in a better place I promise you. She’s somebody’s angel now.'”

“For some reason, those words really hit me and stuck with me. I had heard so many fragmented sentences from friends and family trying to rationalize and comfort me, but for some reason, ‘she’s somebody’s angel’ helped me believe she was in a better place. If there is anything that Christina’s presence resembles most, it’s an angel.”

The release marks the first new music we’ve gotten from Jacquie Lee since she sang the wonderful theme song for the “Disneynature: Monkey Kingdom” film.

But it obviously won’t be the last.

“It’s been an incredible journey and this is only the beginning,” Jacquie Lee writes on Facebook.

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