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Johnny Rez: From The Voice Season 11 to Paris premiere


Johnny Rez with Georgette Erwich, the co-star in his "Til the End" music video

Johnny Rez from The Voice Season 11 with Georgette Erwich, the co-star in his “Til the End” music video.

Wondering where Johnny Rez from Season 11 of The Voice is these days?

Well, this week he’s in Paris, celebrating the release of a film featuring two of his original songs.

The film is called “The Lachance Kids,” about four siblings living together and learning to overcome their fears after the death of their parents.

It premieres Tuesday and, in conjunction with that opening, Johnny will release a new song, “Nothing Ever Felt Better.” He recently shot the video for the song.

He’s already released another song from the film, an impressive pop song called “Lifted High.”

In an interview with Voice Views, Johnny called “Lifted High” “an encouraging song, reminding us to always keep our head and eyes lifted high no mater what difficulties we go through in life.”

He says the new song, “Nothing Ever Felt Better,” is an upbeat country tune, one that plays a more integral role in the film because it was the favorite song of the siblings’ parents.

“Lifted High” fits the film, but it also the story of Johnny Rez, 27, from Miami, Fla.

In a recent YouTube video, he shares that story in detail. It includes four arrests, three near fatal accidents, a short stint in prison and six months on house arrest.

Johnny says he turns his life around by turning to God for help, and the six months of house arrest was a blessing in disguise because he focused on music during that time.

All of which led him to The Voice, where he landed a spot on Team Adam with a performance of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

You might say he’s been a little busy since. In addition to performing at a NASCAR Spring Series Championship race at Homstead-Miami Speedway and singing the national anthem at the Florida Marlins baseball stadium, he’s released two other singles since The Voice.

One is “Enamorado Estoy De Ti,” a Spanish version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Johnny said he wrote the Spanish lyrics himself.

“I love taking hit songs in English and bringing them over to the Hispanic world.”

He’s also released “Til the End,” a song he wrote and performed as a couple’s first dance at their wedding.

He describes the version he released as “more of a dance, electro pop vesion of the song.”

And since The Voice, Johnny’s also found time to give back, getting involved in an organization called Just World International that assists children in impoverished countries. Johnny’s involvement led to a concert at one of the organization’s centers in Guatemala and a chance to meet children helped by the group, something he described as an “incredible experience.”

When he isn’t pursuing his music career, you can still find Johnny working as an IT specialist at Miami Christian School, the same job he held pre-Voice.

“I’ve always loved technology,” Johnny says, “and it goes hand in hand with the recording I do.”

You can keep up with Johnny through his Facebook page or his very active YouTube channel, where he also posts lots of covers. On Twitter, he’s @JRezMusic.

Below, I’ve embedded videos for two of those songs released since The Voice.

And keep an eye out for that new song, “Nothing Ever Felt Better.”

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  1. Tio May 18, 2017 at 10:01 pm -  Reply

    Re: Jonny Rez: ” there is no such thing as an accident in the life of a child of God. There are some things God may allow. There are some things that God sends. There are attention-getters that God brings into our lives, but there are no accidents”. From “how to listen to God” by Charles Stanley .

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