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Jon Mero scores an iTunes hit for The Voice


Jon Mero became just the sixth singer to turn all four chairs on The Voice in Season 13 Monday night. (NBC Photo)

Jon Mero became just the sixth singer to turn all four chairs on The Voice in Season 13 Monday night. (NBC Photo)

On Monday night’s episode of The Voice, Jon Mero became just the sixth singer to turn four chairs during the Season 13 blind auditions.

Tuesday, he became just the fourth singer from Season 13 to crack the Top 200 on the iTunes singles chart — and the first male artist to turn that trick.

Jon, now a member of Team Adam Levine, was sitting at number 184 on the overall singles chart as of noon eastern time. He was sitting at number 12 on the R&B/Soul singles chart.

The only other singers to crack the Top 200 so far in Season 13 are Brooke Simpson, Ashland Craft and Karli Webster.

As of noon, three other artists had cracked the Top 100 on a genre chart — Chloe Kohanski on the rock chart and Brandon Brown and Ignatious Carmouche on the R&B / Soul chart. You can check out where all the songs landed below.

Noon is typically when voting ends following a live show on The Voice. And, remember, you can’t compare rankings from genre to genre because some charts — the country and pop charts, in particular — are more difficult to scale than others.

Five songs from Monday’s show did not chart, but that’s in part because Natalie Stovall, Ryan Scripps and Katrina Rose had their performances montaged, meaning only a tiny snippet was shown on the show.

The blind auditions conclude tonight on The Voice.

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Overall singles chart

#184 — Jon Mero, “Versace on the Floor”

Country singles chart

did not chart — Natalie Stovall, “If It Hadn’t Been for Love”

did not chart — Ryan Scripps, “Body Like a Dirt Road”

Pop singles chart

#174 — Illianna Viramontes, “New Soul”

#195 — Whitney Fenimore, “Hold On We’re Going Home”

did not chart — Rebecca Brunner, “Believer”

R&B/ Soul singles chart

#12 — Jon Mero, “Versace on the Floor”

#21 — Ignatious Carmouche, “Latch”

#42 — Brandon Brown, “Georgia On My Mind”

did not chart — Meagan McNeal, “Can’t Feel My Face”

Rock singles chart

#76 — Chloe Komanski, “The Chain”

#180 — Dennis Drummond, “She Talks to Angels”

did not chart — Katrina Rose, “Kozmic Blues”

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