Keisha Renee says she’s eager to share her country music vision


Keisha Renee performs during the live shows on The Voice (NBC Photo)

Keisha Renee performs during the live shows on The Voice (NBC Photo)

Keisha Renee says she can’t wait for fans to hear her post-show music.

She says that music should clear up questions about precisely what she envisions for herself as a country artist.

“I never wanted to be traditional country,” says Keisha, who made it to the Top 8 as a member of Team Blake Shelton before being eliminated this week.

“I definitely want to stay true to my idea of what country pop soul is. That’s why I’m really excited for my original music to come out, because I think it’ll paint a better picture and connect a lot of dots for a lot of people.”

During a conference call with the media, Keisha says she’s already started working on a post-Voice project. In fact, she says she started working on her “vision of country pop soul about four years ago.

“So I’m revisiting some of those songs that are still great right now, just brushing up on them because we are held to a contract for a period of time. So in that down time, I plan on re-visiting those songs, making many final tweaks to that as well as recording some new ones that I already have lined up and just release great music, like a five- to seven-song EP, shop that around for a deal.

“But just put music out there because I definitely want everyone to clearly get the vision of what country pop soul is from my point of view.”

One of the biggest things she took away from working with Blake Shelton as her coach on The Voice was confirmation that she’s on the right path musically.

“I definitely took a lot of things away from Blake,” she says. “Mainly being true to who I am, not allowing anything to change my decision. This is where my heart is. Go for it no matter what.”

As for her favorite performance on The Voice, Keisha says she has trouble narrowing it down to just one. But among her favorites was “I Hope You Dance” because of the message the song delivers.

“It was for my baby girl and all people, not even just girls,” she says. “Just anybody, just to know that like we have options in life. And even though life isn’t perfect, choose the option to dance it out instead of feeling sorry for yourself or sitting it out.

“A lot of times we go through life doing things for other people, but we always often forget about ourselves. So that was one of my favorites. ”

Her others were “Midnight Train to Georgia” and “All by Myself.”

“I mean, both are songs that I grew up loving and the opportunity to put a country spin on it, country elements to it musically, it was just like a dream come true,” she says.

Keisha says she’s also busy lining up shows for January. You can keep up with her at the social media links below.


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