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La’Porsha Renae admits a touch of embarrassment over music video debut


American Idol Season 15 runner-up La'Porsha Renae in a scene from her new msuic video.

American Idol Season 15 runner-up La’Porsha Renae in a scene from her new msuic video.

La’Porsha Renae dropped her first music video this week and admits she’s a bit embarrassed by it.

And that’s not because of the way the music video for “Already All Ready” turned out.

During a Facebook chat with fans, La’Porsha says she’s glad that it’s “young, fun and hip.”

And she certainly can’t be embarrassed by the way she sounds.

She flashes the same big, sassy vocals that made her an immediate front-runner on Season 15 of American Idol.

The concern?

“I was so embarrassed for the video to come out because I am dancing on the video,” La’Porsha says in the Facebook video she posted Wednesday night.

“So thank you (fans) for all the nice things you’ve been saying all day long. My mom has watched it like 2 million times. She loves it.

“I had fun making the video. It worked out.”

The video was filmed at South Pike High School, near La’Porsha’s hometown of McComb, Miss. La’Porsha said they inquired about filming it at her old high school, McComb, but didn’t hear back from the administration quickly enough.

In the video, La’Porsha takes us back to a homecoming pep rally to share her message of empowerment. That was the goal, after all.

“My heart is very near and dear to kids and children, and I wanted them to know their dreams are attainable,” she says in the same Facebook chat.

“Already All Ready” comes from album of the same name that La’Porsha dropped back in late March. It also features her first single “Good Woman.”

The album debuted at number 15 on Billboard’s R&B albums chart and number 113 on the Billboard 200.

La’Porsha is also getting ready to go out on tour later this month with Charlie Wilson and Anthony Hamilton. You can check out tour dates already announced on that same Facebook page.

“I cannot wait to go on tour. I’m ready to groove and have some fun,” she tells fans on Facebook.

And maybe even dance a little bit.

Here’s the music video.

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