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Lilli Passero says her parents were right about The Voice


Lilli Passero performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Lilli Passero performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Lilli Passero says she had a gut feeling that her time on The Voice was nearing an end.

The feeling turned out to be correct. She was eliminated along with Mark Isaiah during Tuesday’s Top 10 elimination show.

But during a Wednesday conference call with the media, the Los Angeles-based singer and actor sounded anything but defeated.

Instead, she said she’ll continuing singing and acting with a goal of recording an EP featuring “great songs that I’m really proud of and seeing how people respond to them.”

Musically, Lilli says she found herself searching for a lane on the show.

Pre-Voice, she had started a project called “The Sparrow.” She released a video for a song called “I Keep Seeing,” but that turned out to be the only completed album track.

“I think I was one of the least fully flushed out artists before I came to the show,” said Lilli, 26 when she auditioned. “I didn’t already have a clear lane to share with my coach (Adam Levine). It was more about discovering that lane so it was really — our time together was kind of more about learning about each other and trying things rather than sticking to what we already knew I should be doing.

“And also a lot of the music I love is not necessarily music that would be conducive to the audience on the show. So, I’m amazed that I got as far as I did with kind of just trying to figure it out as I went.”

She wound up performing lots of throwback music. Like “Unforgettable,” her song from Monday’s show. The Nat King Cole song dates from 1933.

But, Lilli says, that doesn’t mean she’ll eventually release a jazz album.

So what is her sound?

“I think the easiest thing to call it would probably be vintage pop,” she said. “You will hear jazz, you will hear blues, you will hear influence from the doo wop groups of the 50s and 60s, you’ll hear a lot of things.”

And you might also see the other side of Lilli. She already has about a half dozen acting credits on her resume. And she has roles in three films set to be released this year — “In Between Days,” “Strange Nature” and “The Divide.”

Following her blind audition, Lilli told Voice Views she particularly enjoyed playing a character named Sheri in the indie film “In Between Days.”

“(Sheri) was the kind of girl I wanted to be growing up. She’s a hardcore surfer who’s confident and completely not defined by typical feminine standards. She knows about cars and isn’t afraid to be better at ‘boy things’ than the boys. She’s an awesome role model for anyone.”

As for competing on The Voice … well, that was her parents’ idea.

“They thought it would be a great opportunity for me to kind of get my career to the next level to put my abilities and what I do in front of a bigger audience,” she recalled. “They said, ‘You have nothing to lose, only so much to gain’ and they were right.

“I’m glad that I divorced my comfort zone to do it because I never wanted to be a part of a competition before. And I didn’t even want to this time but I’m so glad that I allowed myself to participate in it because it was so, so, so rewarding.”

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