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Idol gals face long odds as Hollywood Week starts


My, oh, my does a female singer face long odds on American Idol.

Let’s forget about the fact that crazed female fans vote like crazy for the latest cute guy, leaving us to wonder if a gal will ever win the show again.

Just getting to the voting rounds is a mightly challenge.

Idol sent more than 300 singers to Hollywood.  Of those, 108 were guys.  That means the odds of a guy making the semifinals is one in nine.

For the ladies?  Try about one in 16.

That’s because Idol sent about 195 gals to Hollywood.  Heck, there are eight named Brittany.  OK, one contestant spells it Britnee and another Britani, but you get the point.

Things started out pretty evenly this year, with the Idol judges giving about the same number of males as females golden tickets in Savannah and Pittsburgh.

But in Galveston, 39 girls advanced compared to 13 guys.  In Portland, which included New Jersey auditioners for some reason, 32 ladies got golden tickets to 11 males.

In case you were wondering, the most successful audition cities were San Diego and Galveston, with about 50 golden tickets recipeints each.

The weakest:  Aspen by a pretty big margin, with only about 30.

The next step toward those semifinals:  Idol’s notorious Hollywood Week, with episodes airing at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

Nigel Lythgoe is promising lots of drama, dropping contestants and lots of new faces.

For profiles of all the featured contestants from the audition episodes and the rumored top 60 — more than 90 contestants in all — go here.

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