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Meet Adam Pearce of The Voice Season 13


Adam Pearce will be back for a second stab at The Voice in Season 13

Adam Pearce will be back for a second stab at The Voice in Season 13

Adam Pearce auditioned for Season 12 of The Voice, singing Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” No coaches turned, despite an impressive performance-ending glory note.

That might be good news for Adam, because The Voice has a history of singers who don’t make the show one season, then return and do very, very well the next.

And Adam is among the contestants promoting the fact that he’ll appear on Season 13.

If you don’t recall Adam from the spring, he’s a Louisiana native making a living as a rock-and-roll singer in New Orleans.

During his Season 12 bio segment, he told The Voice he wasn’t necessarily musical in high school, until he picked up a guitar to impress the love of his life.

He hasn’t stopped playing guitar and singing since, saying his 12-year career has taken him to dive bars even Google can’t find.

But according to his Facebook bio, he’s also played major festivals across the South with headliners the include the Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Temptations.

He’s also been a member of several bands — Zebra, 12 Stones, Filter, Puddle of Mudd, and Louisiana Leroux.

And that doesn’t include Blake Magnolia, the band he fronted that released an album of original music back in 2012. One song from that album, “Stop Me Now,” was featured on the premier episode of “NCIS: New Orleans,” according to Adam’s Facebook page.

These days, you’ll also find Adam fronting a New Orleans-based band called Mothership: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin. He performs in the band with Nick Angelica, Rod Fleetwood, Woody Dantagnan and Justin Molaison and they bill their shows as “he best way for Southern Louisiana to get the Led out” during a tribute to “the greatest rock-and-roll band of all time.”

I’ve embedded two of my favorite tracks from the “Fields Are Burning” album below. Meanwhile, here are Adam’s social links.

Twitter: @adampearcemusic

The Voice has done it again, rounding up an impressive array of talent for Season 13. Keep checking back for more profiles of the contestants we’ll meet when the blind auditions begin Sept. 25 on NBC. And for complete coverage of The Voice once Season 13 begins.

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  1. Suzi Holloway September 21, 2017 at 3:49 pm -  Reply

    I babysat that young man and his older brother and sisters. They are a great family. Adam’s mom used to sing in my dad’s church. I will definitely be rooting for him.

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