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Meet Alexandra Joyce of The Voice Season 13


Alexandra Joyce of The Voice Season 13In her Twitter bio, Alexandra Joyce writes: “Trust that an ending is followed by a new beginning.”

The 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Wesley Chapel, Fla., would seem a perfect example of that.

Growing up, Alexandra was a dancer, involved in ballet, tap, jazz and modern hip-hop. Dance was something she was “very passionate about,” something she could “throw her emotion into,” she said during a Tuesday conference call with the media,

But after three years, chronic pain forced her go give up dance. After nearly two years, doctors still haven’t been able to give her a definite diagnosis on what causes that pain.

Artistically, she hasn’t missed a beat. After all, in the episode that aired Monday night, she turned three chairs with a blind audition that landed her a spot on Season 13 of The Voice.

“Having to leave that (dance) definitely pushed me more into my music and helped me to find even more emotion, more passion in music,” Alexandra said in that conference call. “It (the pain) has been an obstacle to get over, but my music has helped me get over it.”

Not that music hasn’t been there for most of her life. According to her Voice bio, she started singing in an all-state choir at age 10 and had earned all-state honors by age 12.

Alexandra says it was when she picked up a guitar at age 13 and taught herself to play that her musical aspirations began to take focus.

She wanted to perform as a solo artist. More specifically, as a female singer-songwriter who now proclaims on Facebook that “music is my language.”

The teen says she has been practicing that language in talent shows, at open mics and by performing at weddings.

And in June, she took that talent to The Voice stage. Unfortunately, The Voice aired only the tiniest snippet of her blind audition Tuesday night, even though Alexandra turned more chairs than all but two of the 11 singers featured during the episode.

She impressed judges with her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

“I thought it was a good song for me just because it showed a really great variety of my range,” Alexandra explained. “It was a great song to put some emotion into. And I also gave me a chance to change it up and make it my own, which is a big part of who I am as an artist.”

As for the judges’ feedback, Alexandra said Adam Levine and Blake Shelton did the most talking initially. Jennifer Hudson seemed convinced Alexandra would land with one of the show’s male coaches.

Then Alexandra said she asked Jennifer precisely what she had to offer her as a coach.

“And then she kind of sat up and really started to talk to me,” Alexandra recalls. “She said, ‘I see the drive in you. I see the passion in you.’ Right when she sat up and really got passionate about it is when I decided she was the coach I had to go with.”

Here are Alexandra’s social media links, followed by a couple samples of her music.

Twitter: @AAlexandraJoyce

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