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Meet Jack Cassidy of Team Alicia Keys


Jack Cassidy of The Voice Season 12 (NBC Photo)His audition: Jack Cassidy, 18, of Westlake Village, Calif., auditioned with Joan Osborne’s “One of Us,” playing his own keyboard. He earned chair turns from Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. Alicia liked the fact that he accompanied himself on the keys. Jack opted to join Team Alicia.

His background: Yep, he’s part of The Partridge Family. Well, not really, but Shirley Jones is his grandmother and David and Shaun Cassidy are his uncles. His dad is Patrick Cassidy, known for his roles on Broadway and on TV. Shirley describes Jack’s voice as “really remarkable.” Looking back at his childhood, Jack says there was “always music going on.” Jack says he searched and struggled to find “his niche, where I wanted to be as an artist.” That became worship music.

His background:

* According to his Voice bio, Jack’s generation of the Cassidy family was “discouraged from performing.” Still, at age 7, accompanying his dad on tour, he would belt out songs in the car as they traveled. He later learned piano.

* During high school, he participated in mission trips to Uganda and the Dominican Republic, where he performed music and sang with the children.

* Jack told Voice Views that he’s part of many churches in Ventura County, Calif., and leads worship “consistently, on many different days other than just Sundays.”

* Outside of a worship atmosphere, he’s done some small performances, including benefits with his dad and grandmother. And his dad would showcase him occasionally in one of his shows.

* Jack told Access Hollywood that growing up a Cassidy “really helped me grow and gave me an open atmosphere to express myself and who I wanted to be as a musician.”

* As for his decision to audition for The Voice, Jack told Access Hollywood: “Even though my heart is so far removed from the idea of show business and what show business is, sometimes you have … step inside something that is maybe not quite you to show people you. So I use The Voice stage to show my heart for people and my heart for God.”

* He added that one thing he loved about The Voice is that he was performing without the judges knowing they were listening to a member of the Cassidy family. “So they were turning around based on my voice, and if it was good enough to make the cut.”

* As for picking Alicia as his coach, Jack told Voice Views she “spoke to the personal side of me, who I was on a spiritual level. And she really just understood the reason why I was there. I wasn’t there for myself. I was there for others and she really nailed that. She saw that. And that’s why I ended up going with her.”

Keeping up with Jack:
Twitter: @jackgcassidy
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