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Meet Janice Freeman of The Voice Season 13


Janice Freeman is one of the artists we'll meet on Season 13 of The Voice.

Janice Freeman is one of the artists we’ll meet on Season 13 of The Voice.

Janice Freeman says she’s battled health issues for as long as she can remember.

When she was very young, she was diagnosed with a kidney infection. In ninth grade, she had meningitis. In 2007, she was diagnosed with Lupus.

At one point, when she was a young child, doctors told her mother she had about six weeks to plan for Janice’s funeral.

None of it stopped her from pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. And now she’s an inspirational speaker as well.

She’s also rumored to be one of the contestants to land a spot on Season 13 of The Voice.

Janice is from Harrisburg, Pa., but moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s to study music and computer information systems.

She wound up performing with a group called M.I.G. and traveled the world singing gospel music.

More recently, she’s been pursuing a solo career.

As of 2015, she was singing regularly at The Federal in North Hollywood in shows organized by All-4-One member Delious Kennedy.

In 2016, she decided to give back by organizing a fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation that included guest performances by a number of artists, including Tamyra Gray from Season 1 of American Idol.

As of early this year, she was a frequent performer and multi-time winner of the Laguana Voice competition held at the Mozambique Live venue in Laguna Beach, Calif.

She also released her first single, a song called “You” that you can check out below. Janice has also performed as Janice Freeman-Neuble and you’ll also find her impressive vocals on a song called “Spring Pony” released in 2016 by Vince and The Garage Band.

Here are Janice’s social media links, followed by a couple samples of her music.

Twitter: @janfreemanlive

The Voice has done it again, rounding up an impressive array of talent for Season 13. Keep checking back for more profiles of the contestants we’ll meet when the blind auditions begin Sept. 25 on NBC. And for complete coverage of The Voice once Season 13 begins.

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