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Meet Jeremiah Miller of The Voice Season 13


Jeremiah Miller in the nerve-wracking moments before his blind audition on The Voice.

Jeremiah Miller in the nerve-wracking moments before his blind audition on The Voice.

What kind of impact has The Voice had on Jeremiah Miller?

“It’s flipped my world upside down,” the 18-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, says in a video posted for his fans.

Pre-Voice, Jeremiah was focused on wrestling in high school. His father was a wrestler and Jeremiah was following in his footsteps.

Then Jeremiah’s mom came home one day and told him she’d received a message from God that he should audition for The Voice.

The problem: Open call auditions in Chicago were the same weekend as a big wrestling tournament, Jeremiah recalled.

He decided to sing that weekend and kept advancing through audition rounds until he found himself in front of the celebrity judges and a TV studio audience.

And he landed a spot on The Voice after prompting Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson to turn around for his cover of “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. He opted to join Team Jennifer.

Not that music was foreign to Jeremiah. Heck, during his bio segment on The Voice, we saw him singing the national anthem prior to one of his wrestling matches.

“I started singing as a kid,” Jeremiah says in that video. “It’s something the family just does. It was music all the time.”

And he’d dabbled with performing even while wrestling, he told Voice Views.

First, he was part of a trio boy band called J-Crew that started as a performance at a high school talent show.

“We performed a variety of pop music covers from all different kinds of artists, busking at different outdoor malls and cities,” he said. “We also had an Instagram account that got pretty popular around our High school.”

Next, he teamed up with good friend John Michael Howell — he was at Jeremiah’s blind audition — to form Miller&Howell, another pop cover band. Jeremiah says they performed at small venues around the Dallas-Fort Worth area and at the church they attended (Gateway Church).

While he listen to all sorts of music, Jeremiah says he considers himself a pop artist. He thinks that’s the music “that suits my voice best.”

Oh, and he lists Adam Levine and Maroon 5 as one of his influences, even though he picked Jennifer over Adam when it came time to choose a coach.

As for that flipping his world upside down comment.

Turns out The Voice did that in more ways than one.

Jeremiah also found romance at The Voice blind auditions. He’s dating fellow auditioner Kiersten Dawson, a singer-songwriter from Ohio.

In fact, he calls meeting her the best part of The Voice experience and has posted several photos of them together on his Instagram page.

Here are Jeremiah’s social media links.

Twitter: @Jeremiah_Miller
YouTube (Miller and Howell)

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