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Moriah Formica talks about music after The Voice

Moriah Formica (left) and Shilo Gold chat with Miley Cyrus about their battle round match on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Moriah Formica (left) and Shilo Gold chat with Miley Cyrus about their battle round match on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Moriah Formica didn’t quite make the finals on The Voice.

But we’ll be hearing more from the young rocker soon.

Moriah told Voice Views she plans to release a country-rock tune called “I Will” before the year is out.

She wrote the song with Sarah Lake; they collaborated on another single earlier this year.

Moriah was 16 when she auditioned for The Voice and made an instant impression, turning four chairs with her cover of Heart’s “Crazy on You” and opting to join Team Miley.

The young lady from Latham, N.Y., performed “American Woman” with Shiloh Gold in the battle round, winning that match; then earned a spot in the playoffs with a rocking cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “These Hazel Eyes.”

She performed “World Without You” in the playoffs, but was not selected to advance.

Here’s what Moriah told Voice Views about her time on the show and her music moving forward.

Voice Views: I know everything we’ve seen on the show was filmed a while back. What have you been doing musically since then?

Moriah: I have been writing new songs and practicing with my band for shows I have coming up.

Voice Views: What was your favorite performance from The Voice and why?

Moriah: The Battle Round with Shilo Gold. We rocked out “American Woman.” I just felt so much energy and loved the attitude of the song.

Moriah Formica performs during the knockout round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Moriah Formica performs during the knockout round on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Voice Views: Is new original music in the works? If so, what can you tell me about that? Are yoy working with a band at this point? What can fans expect moving forward?

Moriah: Yes, new music is always in the works with me. I write all the time. I have a new song coming out by the end of December called “I Will”. I co-wrote the song with American Idol Season 4 contest Sarah Lake (formerly Mather). She’s a country artist so the two of us came up with a rockin’ sort of country song. We also wrote my song “No Regrets” together and released that this past May. We were going to release “I Will” but because of The Voice we didn’t have time.

I do have a band, I’ve been playing with them for the last year. They play my music. I’m hoping maybe we can write songs together if things go well in the future. I also may be doing some vocals for hip-hop artists, but that is not 100% confirmed yet.

I guess fans can expect me to do what I was doing before my experience on The Voice. I will continue to write and release new music every couple of months. I have like 20 songs ready to go and instead of putting out full albums, we will release them one at a time.

Not all the songs are necessarily rock, so it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to put them all on one record. I will also be out playing lots of live shows, anywhere I can, trying to share my passion for music with anyone. I’m not going away. This is my passion and my life.

Voice Views: Other than the friends you met and made while participating in the show and the hometown support, what do you think will stick with you about The Voice experience?

Moriah: Besides all the amazing people I met and got to work with I would say the biggest thing I learned was endurance. We worked very hard every week. So much to do. I pushed through pain physically and vocally. We did a lot of running around.

The night before my knockout performance, I had to go to the ER. We had just finished our last rehearsal and I felt like I pulled my diaphragm. I couldn’t breathe or really walk without pain. Long story short, it turned out to be a horrible case of heartburn –ha ha — but it was so painful. I didn’t get much sleep that night and all of the acid that resulted made my voice raspy for my last two performances.

Here are Moriah’s social media links.

Twitter: @MoriahFormica

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