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Natalie Stovall gives inside peek at the blind auditions


Natalie Stovall is among the contestants we'll meet this week on The Voice.

Natalie Stovall is among the contestants we’ll meet this week on The Voice.

Ever wonder what it’s like be part of the blind audition process on The Voice.

Natalie Stovall, whose blind audition should air this week, just provided fans with an inside glimpse.

She said the 100 people who landed an audition in front of the celebrity judges for Season 13 spent all of June in Los Angeles, preparing for those few minutes in front of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus.

“That’s right. I said a month!” Natalie wrote in an email to fans. “A month of being sequestered in a hotel, not seeing friends or family, not being allowed to talk about WHY you were in L.A. and thinking about 1 SONG.

“I had never before experienced the amount of analyzation that happened on that 90 seconds of music. I deconstructed and reconstructed every single note, worked with the most amazing vocal coach (not the same as the celebrity coaches), and practiced over and over again.”

She said the time was spent on “vocal lessons, band rehearsals, stage blocking, wardrobe fittings, hair and make-up consultations, photo shoots, and interviews. All for ONE AUDITION. It’s enough to make your head spin! ”

But Natalie makes it clear that she enjoyed the experience, even if the end result was a bit nerve-rattling.

“I think I was actually more nervous when I finally stepped on the Voice stage than I was when I sang for the President. Seriously. That nervous,” she wrote.

Regardless, I’ll be stunned if Natalie doesn’t land a spot on the show. And won’t be the least bit surprised if she advances deep into the competition.

As Natalie Stoval and The Drive, she’s released a pair of country EPs and two stand-alone singles before The Voice. And it’s some of the best pre-Voice music you’re going to hear.

To learn more about Natalie and the music she’s already released, head to this Voice Views profile. So far, I’ve posted profiles on more than 40 of the Season 13 contestants. You can find links to the others by heading here.

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