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Newly released song shows off Amy Whitcomb’s bluesy, rock side


Amy Whitcomb appeared on Season 4 of the Voice and, before that, on three seasons of NBC's "Sing-Off."

Amy Whitcomb appeared on Season 4 of the Voice and, before that, on three seasons of NBC’s “Sing-Off.”

A new song is available featuring The Voice Season 4 standout Amy Whitcomb.

But “Tomorrow’s Coming” — which landed on iTunes and Spotify last week — isn’t a new single in the traditional sense of the term.

Amy says it’s a track she recorded with the producers of her 2015 EP for a rock / blues library project.

And the rousing tune certainly has more of a rock and blues edge than her more pop-oriented EP.

“I will say that as much as I love my solo EP, I really don’t see myself as a pop artist,” Amy told Voice Views. “I love Top 40 and actually sing with a couple party bands currently that sing all of the popular stuff.

“But my true love is rock. I recently wrapped up a tour with the a cappella group Vocalosity, where I was featured as a rock vocalist. And if I ever started another solo project or band, it would absolutely be rock n roll. I feel like it’s what my voice was meant for. And my personality and style backs that up.

“That’s probably my greatest regret from The Voice — not committing to a more rock ‘n roll sound and vibe,” she adds. “But I just wasn’t as aware back then that THAT was my strength and passion.”

Back in the spring of 2014, Amy landed a spot on Team Adam Levine on The Voice and advanced to the knockout round before being eliminated in a match against eventual Top 16 finisher Caroline Glaser.

These days, she’s living in Utah and involved in a number of musical projects.

In addition to performing with the aforementioned party bands, she teaches vocal lessons both locally and online.

Amy’s also part of a all-female a cappella group that is preparing to compete in the Varsity Vocals Open next month, which she describes as “a real life Pitch Perfect,” open to artists of all ages.

And she’s looking forward to another reunion with a pair of Season 4 Voice colleagues — Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes, better known to fans of the show as the duo called Midas Whale.

They collaborated on a project called “Deep Love: A Ghostly Rock Opera,” one of 22 musicals selected from about 245 applicants for spots in the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Since then, they’ve continued to stage performances of the show — with Amy in the role of Florence — and more are planned for later this year.

“It has been one of the best projects I’ve ever been a part of — like probably my absolute favorite,” Amy says. “So I’m excited for that coming up in a few months.”

Oh, and if you happened to miss that self-titled 2015 EP, check it out. Highlights include the rocking “Let the Music Play” and the deliciously fun “Sugar Daddy.”

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