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Noah Mac talks about the post-Voice album that’s already in progress


Noah Mac performs on Top 8 night for The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Noah Mac performs on Top 8 night for The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Noah Mac has his post-Voice game plan in place.

Next month, he heads into the studio to record new music.

Shortly after that, he’ll be releasing the followup to the six-track EP “The Light” that he released earlier this year.

“It’s going to be something that you didn’t get to hear on The Voice,” he said of the new album. “It’s something that you didn’t get to hear on my last EP that I released.

“It’s something that’s just very true to me. It’s just me completely expressing emotion through music. And it almost defies a certain genre. I implement a lot into each of the songs that are on this album and I’m super excited for it.”

Noah, of Dublin, Calif., made it all the way to the Top 8 on Season 13 of The Voice before being eliminated last week.

He was coming off his strongest week on the show, hitting number three on iTunes with his “Wicked Games” duet with Chloe Kohanski and number seven with his solo cover of “River” by Bishop Briggs.

The latter, like several of Noah’s live performances, was his own arrangement, allowing the 17-year-old to show uncommon artistry for someone so young.

He thrived in the live shows under the tutelage of Jennifer Hudson, who stole Noah from Team Blake Shelton during the battle round.

“Honestly, that was one of the coolest things — to have somebody like Jennifer, somebody that I respect so much as a vocalist and as a performer to really give me a lot of freedoms and give me a lot of truth and faith in what I do in regards to arranging each song for myself,” Noah said in a conference call with the media.

“It’s one thing to have somebody who constantly tells you exactly what to do, because that’s a huge part of it. And she has done that for me, too,” he added. “But it’s even cooler when she recognizes me as an artist and that itself has given me so much confidence throughout this process.”

Along the way, Noah became one of the show’s social media stars. His 97,400 followers on Instagram is nearly twice as many as any member of the Season 13 Top 4.

Many of those fans discovered his pre-show music. The same week he was eliminated, that pre-show EP made it to number seven on the iTunes R&B albums chart.

And though he’d been eliminated, Noah seemed quite satisfied with his time on the show during that conference call. After all, he admitted that he wasn’t certain he’d turn a chair in the blind audition.

“You know, throughout this entire process, I never saw this as a competition,” he said. “Coming into this, I really saw this as an opportunity for me to learn and get my name out there. And I think those are the two things that happened for me.”

You can keep up with Noah using the following social media links.


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