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Noah Mac’s eloquent response to The Voice instant save


Noah Mac performs on The Voice Top 8 show this week. (NBC Photo)

Noah Mac performs on The Voice Top 8 show this week. (NBC Photo)

As a blogged after Tuesday’s results show, West Coast contestants competing for an instant save on The Voice are now 0 for 9.

In other words, nine times a West Coast contestant has gone up against someone from the eastern or central time zone for a save via Twitter.

Nine times, the West Coast contestant has been eliminated.

The defeated include Season 13’s Janice Freeman, Season 12’s Lilli Passero and Brennley Brown and stretches back to Season 5’s Austin Jenckes.

But Noah Mac’s elimination Tuesday night might have bee the most damning indictment of the instant save yet.

Both of Noah’s performances from Monday landed in the Top 10 on iTunes. He had nearly twice as many followers on Twitter as the two Tenneessee-based singers he was up against — Red Marlow and Adam Cunningham.

Of course, his hometown fans weren’t watching during The Voice’s five-minute Twitter window. The show was still hours away from airing on the West Coast.

So Wednesday, when media got a chance to interview the eliminated contestants, I asked Noah how he felt about the show’s instant save process and whether he believes West Coast contestants are at any sort of disadvantage because of it.

Here’s his quite eloquent response:

“I think it’s possible. But as an artist, your job is to create art and reach people all around.

“And for me, I’ve never thought about instant save processes and the competitive aspects of the show, so it’s not something I’ve necessarily thought about a lot. I think, if you’re an artist, then it shouldn’t matter.

“If you’re really doing what you love, and you’re really starting to reach people — the important thing is, people are seeing what you do and they’re seeing your art. For me, that was the most important thing coming into this.”

Well, lots of people certainly saw Noah, and lots responded. His social media support has gone through the roof since the live shows began airing. His pre-Voice EP reached the Top 10 on the iTunes R&B albums chart.

More new music is coming. More about that when I post blogs from this week’s conference call.

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  1. Tyriq December 14, 2017 at 1:56 pm -  Reply

    and those EP sales are MONEY in his POCKET; unlike the sales made on the show of their performances.

  2. Mariana December 14, 2017 at 4:10 pm -  Reply

    I agree with Noah on one hand, but I do live on the west coast and I did vote on Twitter on those 5 min so it was possible to vote on West Coast too, if you really care for who you wanna go to finals

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