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  • The Top 8 on The Voice Season 13
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    Ranking the Top 8 on The Voice


      Next week, fans of The Voice will select their Season 13 finalists. And for those who are new fans of the show, here’s how it will work. Each contestant will perform twice Monday night, once as a soloist and once in a duet with another finalist. And, yep, both performances will count in the…

  • Davon Fleming of The Voice Season 13
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    Song by song grades for the Top 10 on The Voice


    Miley Cyrus showed up dressed like Big Bird, except she forget the head to her costume. Jennifer Hudson threw and lost a shoe before the second singer even took the stage. We got a taste of the holidays when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani took the stage to perform together. And The Voice put Keisha…

  • Lauren Duski listens to feedback after performing on The Voice Top 4 show Monday night. (NBC Photo)
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    Caution fans: Downloads alone won’t win The Voice


      An important message to fans of Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen and Red Marlow: Downloads aren’t going to be enough. Consider it a tale of caution after watching what happened to Lauren Duski on Season 12 of The Voice. If there was a king or queen of iTunes during Season 12, it was Lauren. She…

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    The Voice’s instant save claims another West Coast victim


    Monday night’s episode of The Voice reminded me of why I got hooked on TV’s singing shows. Every now and then, the right singer meets the right song and that singer delivers an absolutely magical moment. That’s what Chloe Kohanski did Monday night when she sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Tuesday’s episode of The…

  • Top 11 on The Voice Season 13
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    Ranking the Top 11 on The Voice


      If last week taught us anything about Season 13 of The Voice, it’s that iTunes rankings might not be as good an indicator of outcome as they’ve been in the past. Consider Jon Mero. He finished fourth among the Top 12 on iTunes, yet he was the singer eliminated last week. Consider Shi’Ann Jones….

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Jacquie Lee, runner-up on Season 5 of The Voice, has released the video for her new single, "Am I the Only One." Check out the story behind the video here.