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Predictions on what will happen tonight on The Voice


Brooke Simpson during her show-closing performance of Faithfully Monday night on The Voice.

Brooke Simpson during her show-closing performance of Faithfully Monday night on The Voice.

Ready for the most tension-filled result show yet on Season 13 of The Voice.

It’s coming tonight, when the show reveals which three singers voters sent on to the Season 13 finals.

Then viewers will have five minutes to select their fourth finalist on Twitter.

And if I was a member of the Top 8, I wouldn’t relax tonight until my name was called and I was sent to safety.

Remember, at this point last year, Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake were perceived as front-runners and potential finalists based on their performances on iTunes.

Both wound up being eliminated on the Top 8 results show when Aliyah Moulden and Chris Blue were voted into the finals and Jesse Larsen claimed the instant save.

What do I expect to happen tonight?

Here’s what I’m predicting.

Voted to safety: Chloe Kohanski, Noah Mac and Red Marlow. Chloe’s the only contestant to hit number one on iTunes in Season 13 and she did it again today with “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Noah placed his own solo in the Top 10, earning bonus points in the process. And their combined duet of “Wicked Game” was the only duet to land in the Top 10. Red’s been solid all season and delivered perhaps his best vocal on last night’s cover of “Go Rest High on that Mountain.”

Automatically eliminated: Davon Fleming and Adam Cunningham. Both have needed instant saves to make it this far. And the show did them no favor with early placement in Monday night’s performance lineup. Davon’s night was over just five performances into the show. Adam was finished singing before Addison Agen took the stage for the first time.

Vying for the instant save: Addison Agen, Keisha Renee, Brooke Simpson. Sometimes Adam Levine tips us off to results before they’re announced. Like in Season 6 when he told Christina Grimmie he’d see that she got a record deal, regardless of how that year’s Top 3 finish. Was his pronouncement that Addison has succeeded, win or lose, an acknowledgement that she’s not one of the show’s vote leaders? Just wondering. As for the other two singers here, Keisha had the weakest night in the Top 8 on iTunes. Brooke stumbled early in the live rounds, but has bee singing like a finalist the past two weeks.

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