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Queen Hilma launches fundraiser for debut album


Alex and Andi of Queen Hilma are planning a debut album.

Alex and Andi of Queen Hilma are planning a debut album.

Queen Hilma has launched a $30,000 Go Fund Me campaign to finance a new album.

Queen Hilma is Andi & Alex from Season 9 of The Voice, the twin duo that topped all of the show’s artists on iTunes through the first two rounds of competition that season.

Since The Voice, the twins from Green Bay have adopted a new stage name in honor of their late grandmother, released a debut EP (2016’s “Is Everything OK?”) and a single (“Where Did You Go?” from earlier this year).

And now they’re ready to record a debut album, if they can raise the money to do so.

“Everyone should go after their dreams, even if (it seems) impossible,” Alex says in the group’s Go Fund Me video. “We’re just continuing that.”

“We want to make an album,” asks Andi. “We want to take that album on tour.”

That’s where fans come in. The Go Fund Me effort launched Wednesday, and Queen Hilma is offering all sorts of incentives to donate.

You can check those out here.

And to remind you of the young ladies’ talent, here’s a live version of “Where Did You Go?”

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