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Ranking the Top 8 on The Voice

The Voice Top 8 includes (from left) Chris Blue, Jesse Larson, TSoul, Lauren Duski, Vanessa Ferguson, Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake and Aliyah Moulden. (NBC Photo)

The Voice Top 8 includes (from left) Chris Blue, Jesse Larson, TSoul, Lauren Duski, Vanessa Ferguson, Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake and Aliyah Moulden. (NBC Photo)


The Voice viewers will select the show’s four Season 12 finalists on Tuesday.

Which, of course, means the show’s current cast of eight will be cut in half.

Will the finale feature the four favorites — Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown, Chris Blue and Hunter Plake?

Or can one of the other four remaining singers — TSoul, Vanessa Ferguson, Jesse Larson and Aliyah Moulden — score an upset?

If this works the way it has in the past, three singers will advance to the finals based on fan voting.

The bottom two singers in the voting will automatically be eliminated. The other three will compete for the last Twitter save of Season 12.

Here are The Voice View weekly rankings, with last week’s ranking in parenthesis.

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1. Brennley Brown (1, Team Gwen Stefani): Brennley has won me over with her performances and her personality. I love the way she turned last week’s song choice into a personal anthem. People told her she was too young for The Voice. Well, dammit, she was going to sing anyway. She certainly has.

2. Lauren Duski (2, Team Blake Shelton): Gwen called her a Barbie Doll with a guitar, and meant it as a compliment. Blake said Lauren is what’s missing in country music, which might have been a bit of an overstatement. Bottom line: Lauren can afford to play it safe this week and she’ll still breeze into the finals.

3. Hunter Plake (3, Team Gwen Stefani): After being eclipsed by his country colleagues on iTunes for three straight weeks, Hunter was back on top of the charts Tuesday, earning bonus points for a second straight week. Like Lauren, he might was to save any potential Voice “moments” for the performance finale. He’s sure to be there.

4. Jesse Larson (5, Team Adam Levine): For most of the season, the finale has looked like it would be a Lauren-Brennley-Hunter-Chris Blue party. I’m now predicting Jesse will break up the party. If he does, it will be well deserved. This week, he and Adam should dial up another fun, up-tempo performance. Oh, and did you see that little twirl Jesse did last week. My guess is it was more effective than all of Chris’ dance moves put together.

5. Chris Blue (4, Team Alicia Keys): This is the week for Alicia to give Chris an emotional song, plant him behind a microphone and order him — absolutely order him — not to move. He’s perhaps the best pure singer on the show, and that’s being lost as he dances all over the stage. This is The Voice, not a dance competition.

6. Aliyah Moulden (8, Team Blake Shelton): Blake needs to reach deep into his bag of tricks on behalf of his youngest singer. If Lauren, Brennley and Hunter are voted through, she’ll be up against a quartet of four far more experienced singers for that last spot in the finale. Worse yet, the talented teen from Cali will need the Twitter save. Not-so-fun fact: West Coast singers are 0 for 6 lifetime in earning a Twitter save.

7. Vanessa Ferguson (6, Team Alicia Keys): There was nothing wrong with Vanessa last week but a sure-not-to-please song choice for Monday’s show. She proved that with her fierce no-you-won’t-send-me-home performance on her save song on Tuesday when she landed in the bottom three. That said, she’s going to need another save song.

8. TSoul (9, Team Blake Shelton): TSoul turned in his best vocal since the finals began on Top 10 night and was rewarded with a Top 30 ranking on the iTunes singles chart. Now he and Blake need to select two crowd pleasing songs for TSoul to have a shot at the Season 12 finale. Like Vanessa, he’s unlikely to be voted through.

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