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Song by song grades for the Top 11 on The Voice


Noah Mac performs Electric Love on The Voice Top 11 show Monday night. (NBC Photo)

Noah Mac performs Electric Love on The Voice Top 11 show Monday night. (NBC Photo)

This week fans helped select the songs the Top 11 will be performing on The Voice.

How did they do?

Well, like last week, there were some good, some bad, but nothing quite as ugly as Adam Levine deciding to have Adam Cunningham sing a Phil Collins song.

Especially good were the song choices for Noah Mac, Addison Agen, Chloe Kohanski and Janice Freeman.

That quartet would make up the show’s final four if I was hand-picking finalists at this point.

Here are the Voice View song by song grades for Top 11 night.

Remember, voting continues through noon eastern time Tuesday.

Janice Freeman (Team Miley)
Song: “Shine” by Collective Soul
My take: Janice closed last week’s show with a bang. Now she opens this week’s show with what to me is the standout track of the week on iTunes. Like the silver swirl in Janice’s hair. It took a while for that to get started, but you can’t accuse Janice of not singing with passion. Not quite as good as the iTunes version, but a nice way to open the show. Grade: B

Red Marlow (Team Blake)
Song: “The Dance” by Garth Brooks
My take: Hmm, second straight week Red has been stuck singing second. Another solid performance from Red. For my money, he’s the most authentic country singer on Season 13. That wasn’t my favorite Red performance, but it should be enough to get him into the Top 10. Grade: B–

Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer)
Song: “Listen” by Beyonce
My take: I do not like this song choice for Shi’Ann. I’m listening, but I’m having trouble understanding what Shi’Ann’s singing. Fortunately, I know the song. But that’s a consistent problem with Shi’Ann. Unfortunately,it wasn’t the only problem with that performance, which started off very rough. To Shi’Ann’s credit, she delivered a couple of huge glory notes at the end, but she’s not the only big-voiced singer on the show. If she makes the Top 10, please let her sing something young and fun. Grade: C–

Adam Cunningham (Team Adam)
Song: “American Girl” by Tom Petty
My take: “I have fans. Who knew?” Adam jokes after last week’s instant save. “How lucky am I to be singing a Tom Petty song?” Adam asks. Well, at least it’s not Phil Collins. I could do without the fiddle. I mean, I’m sure there were country songs among fans’ suggestions. If Adam L. wanted Adam to sing a country song, he should have chosen one of those. That was good, just not as good as last week’s save performance. Grade: B–

Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)
Song: “What About Us” by Pink
My take: Brooke says this is the type of song she’d have on her own album. But, oh, no, Miley wants to add a native American Indian touch. The drums didn’t bother me. But when Brooke said, “Let’s go,” I thought, yep, it’s about time. Brooke was much better and much more powerful during the second half of the song, though I thought I detected a couple of dropped lyrics at one point. Grade: B–

Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer)
Song: “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston
My take: Davon shows off his great range. But why, why, why, is he singing this song? It’s been done to death on singing shows — by female artists who for some reason seemed much more natural singing the song. Technically fine, but I’ll be shocked if that makes much of a wave on iTunes. Grade: C+

Ashland Craft (Team Miley)
Song: “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band
My take: Ashland says the lyrics of this song “are my life.” Not crazy about that performance. It seemed to call for a bit more rowdy, a bit more attitude, a bit more of a celebratory tone. I’ll be interested to see what country fans think of that on iTunes. Actually Miley, I don’t like the fringe, either. It seems a bit too hokey. Grade: C

Addison Agen (Team Adam)
Song: “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell
My take: Adam thinks Addison was born to sing this song. She’s got lots of momentum after last week, so let’s see. Another great vocal from Addison. And that was not an easy song to sing. Like that Jennifer is urging people to vote for Addision even though she’s on Adam’s team. Addison didn’t need vocal firepower to deliver the most moving performance so far tonight on The Voice. Grade: A–

Keisha Renee (Team Blake)
Song: “It Matters to Me” by Faith Hill
My take: I think the order of performance over the last three weeks says worlds about which country singer The Voice wants vieers to embrace. I know on a singing show you want to show off everything you can do in a 2-minute song, but that was a little overbaked. I needed more emotion, less vocal gymnastics. Grade: B–

Noah Mac (Team Jennifer)
Song: “Electric Love” by Borns
My take: Don’t know this song. But it’s interesting that one of the earlier contestants was shown a list of four songs. Noah had just two choices. Smart song choice. Wonderfully executed. I tell you, he and Addison are two great young finds for The Voice. I’ll be shocked if that doesn’t soar up the iTunes chart. Grade: A

Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)
Song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
My take: This is the night’s most intriguing song choice. I mean, the original version of the Jim Steinman penned tune is more than 6 minutes long. Three words: That was magnificent! Wow! Chloe’s best yet. And she was already incredibly popular. That will probably go down as one of my favorite Voice performances — and not just of Season 13. Grade: A+

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