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Stephanie Rice continues to heal with superb new single


Stephanie Rice from Season 12 of The Voice has dropped her first post-show single.

Stephanie Rice from Season 12 of The Voice has dropped her first post-show single.

Remember that incredibly heartfelt cover of “Piece to Piece” that introduced us to Stephanie Rice on Season 12 of The Voice.

Well, she’s done it again. This time with her own words and song.

Stephanie released her post-Voice debut single Friday. That song is called “Let Me Go,” and it’s an extension of the story she shared on The Voice.

You must remember that story. About how Stephanie came out as gay to her parents. And how her parents dropped her off at a community college campus and abandoned her when she refused a second round of “straight counseling.”

“I can honestly say that I climbed the mountain of misery and have been able to mend a lot of the broken pieces,” Stephanie writes on Facebook. “But there are still deep-seeded wounds that I struggle with as a consequence of what happened to me. ‘Let Me Go’ is a song that captures the rawness of these scars.”

She explained in more detail during a recent interview with Access Hollywood, saying she still struggles with abandonment issues and the fear of being heartbroken, of being left alone.

That even stems to her relationship with her finance.

“I’ve never been happier in my life,” she said in the interview. “And that made me more scared. “For me, the best way to overcome those feelings is to write about it and sing about it.”

“I feel like this song is dripping with my tears and blood,” she added in a Facebook chat with fans early Friday morning.

Fans are responding. Released Friday, the song has already surged to number 125 on the iTunes pop singles chart.

Stephanie will be celebrating tonight with a single release show at the Hotel Cafe in California.

To keep up with Stephanie, follow her on her Facebook page. On Twitter, she’s @stephricemusic.

Here’s the song.

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